LOWELL, Mass. - July 19, 2007 - Tyco Electronics today introduced the M/A-COM MASWSS0201, a broadband SPDT switch which is ideally suited for applications that require high isolation and low insertion loss over a wide frequency range, including digital and cable television frequencies, among others. Specifically, the SPDT switch maintains a high isolation greater than 63 dB up to 110 MHz and 45 dB up to 900 MHz while maintaining low insertion loss. In addition, when the switch is un-powered, it automatically enables a default-on state achieving excellent performance. "We are committed to developing products that meet the unique demands of our customers around the world and this new M/A-COM SPDT switch delivers industry leading low insertion loss in the default-on state, a critical requirement for many of the sophisticated applications on the market today," said Kevin Harrington, product manager, Tyco Electronics M/A-COM IC products. "Tyco Electronics' team of engineers will continue to anticipate market needs and respond with products that meet and exceed usability expectations." Tested in a 75 ohm system, the M/A-COM MASWSS0201 achieves <0.9 dB of insertion loss and 65 dB of isolation at 100 MHz. The switch is designed to have a P1dB of 21 dBm at 100 MHz which increases to 28 dBm at 900 MHz. Greater than 40 dB isolation is maintained up to 2.5 GHz with a corresponding insertion loss less than 1.5 dB. It is configurable to have either absorptive (primary) or reflective RF1, RF2 port matches to meet the end-user's system requirements. For cost sensitive and space-constrained applications, the M/A-COM MASWSS0201 lead-free surface mount 3 mm PQFN packaging and competitive pricing are attractive attributes. The switch is fabricated on a low-cost 0.5-micron gate-length GaAs process with full passivation added for robust reliability. Just as many switch counterparts from Tyco Electronics, each M/A-COM MASWSS0201 is 100 percent RF tested to ensure performance compliance. Price and Availability The M/A-COM MASWSS0201 is available from stock and is priced at $0.61 for quantities of 10,000. Contact M/A-COM's domestic and international sales channels for price and delivery quotes. Datasheets and supporting technical documents are available online at www.macom.com.