SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 1, 2007 Agilent Technologies Inc. (NYSE: A) today introduced PNA-X, the new industry standard for microwave network analysis from 10 MHz to 26.5 GHz. This premier-performance network analyzer offers a unique single-connection solution for two-tone and swept LO measurements, featuring an integrated second source and signal combining network. As a highly integrated solution, it reduces test costs, setup time, measurement complexity and the time it takes to make measurements on the broadest range of components. The PNA-X is ideal for engineers in the aerospace/defense and wireless communications industries developing and testing high-performance active devices such as amplifiers, mixers and converters. The Agilent PNA-X is a configurable 2- or 4-port 26.5 GHz network analyzer built on Agilent's industry-leading PNA platform. The PNA-X is the only 2-port network analyzer available with an internal second source. A new signal routing architecture transforms it from a pure network analyzer to an RF measurement hub for amplifiers and frequency converters. With two internal signal sources -- each with high output power (+16 dBm), low harmonics (-59 dBc), a wide power sweep range (40 dB), and a built-in pulse modulator and signal combiner, the PNA-X can easily perform amplifier intermodulation distortion, hot S22, traditional S-parameter and pulsed-S-parameter measurements along with harmonic and compression measurements. The analyzer's integrated second source can be used as a fast fixed-IF or swept-LO signal for testing mixers and converters. Speed improvements of up to 35 times faster can be realized using the PNA's internal source as compared to using a traditional external source. The result is exceptional throughput, as well as reduced complexity and measurement time. The PNA-X also boasts internal signal-routing switches which provide increased flexibility for adding signal conditioning hardware or additional test equipment for single-connection measurements. This capability, coupled with the analyzer's improved source performance, unmatched receiver compression (0.1 dB at +12 dBm) and stability, dramatically simplifies test setup and reduces the number of system calibrations required, while ensuring faster, more accurate measurements. The PNA-X is the only network analyzer with internal pulse modulators and generators for fast, simplified pulse measurements. This advanced capability enables pulse measurements to be up to 30 times faster compared with other analyzers that require external generators and modulators -- making the PNA-X a completely integrated pulse measurement solution. Another key feature of Agilent's PNA-X network analyzer is an enhanced user interface. A large touch-screen display, eight soft keys and simplified hard-key arrangement make operation without a mouse easier than ever before. These features also make it easier for engineers to read multiple measurements at the same time. "Engineers developing and manufacturing high-performance active devices, face a number of unique challenges to design faster with less iteration and to increase manufacturing throughput and yield," said Bob McClung, vice president and general manager of Agilent's component test division. "The industry-leading performance and integrated, configurable nature of PNA-X make it the ideal solution to address these challenges, while at the same time enabling R&D and manufacturing engineers to stay on the leading edge of component testing." Agilent's PNA-X leverages all existing features and capabilities of the PNA Series of network analyzers, including: advanced connectivity via LAN, USB and GPIB; an easy-to-use Windows-based open architecture; an embedded help system; a frequency converter measurement application (FCA); and an automatic port extension. It is also 100-percent code compatible with existing PNA Series analyzers. An optional ECal feature enables fast, precision, single-connection calibration. U.S. Pricing and Availability Agilent's premier-performance N5242A PNA-X network analyzer is available now at a starting price of $92,000. For information about Agilent's PNA-X, go to A photo of the PNA-X network analyzer is available at Link: