Polaris’s Wireless Location Signatures (WLS) technology delivers the best performance in challenging urban and indoor settings where A-GPS does not work well. WLS is a future proof solution with a robust roadmap of performance improvements, incorporating measurements from 2G, 3G and 4G air interfaces, as well as evolving handset technologies, such as A-GPS, WiFi, Bluetooth and UWB. WLS is a platform for enabling high quality location capabilities in today’s and tomorrow’s networks. It provides significantly better performance than alternatives, such as Cell-ID, Cell-ID/timing, ECID and O-TDOA. WLS can be used as a standalone system or in hybrid combination with A-GPS for both Control Plane and User Plane (SUPL) location implementations. WLS enables the full range of applications and services (e.g. E911, LI, LBS) in a scalable and economical platform.