M/A-COM Technology Solutions' Belfast business unit has added Mesuro's Active Load Pull test and measurement capabilities to its existing line-up. Having worked with Cardiff University and more recently Mesuro, the Belfast Design Centre is equipped with the latest CAD software, automatic assembly tools and test and measurement equipment. It designs a range of ICs and modules for the satellite communications, point-to-point communications, and radar components markets.

The additional capabilities afforded by active load pull test and measurement are aimed at further reducing M/A-COM’s design cycle times, reducing its time to market and improving device/process analyses, allowing it to demonstrate greater system performance.

Andrew Patterson, Engineering Manager, M/A-COM Technology Solutions, Belfast said, “We see the Waveform Engineering methodology as a key part in our iterative design process. Its ability to provide insight into process characteristics enables us to highlight potential problems before they become a reality. The latest tools, including behavioral model extraction, allow us access to more relevant data when building our design.”

Richard Emsley, CEO, Mesuro added, “The continued relationship with M/A-COM Technology Solutions’ Belfast facility, and their use of the ‘Waveform Engineering’ principal, demonstrates the value it offers to power-amplifier designers, through demonstrable reductions in the number of design iterations and time to market improvements.”