Mesuro, booth 535, is exhibiting the following new capabilities for the first time at European Microwave Week in Manchester:

VNA Based Active Load Pull Solutions

Mesuro will be demonstrating both fundamental load pull, to 67 GHz, and active harmonic load pull using the Rohde &Schwarz ZVA67 VNA as the basis for the system. In this configuration customers can benefit from waveform engineering whilst utilising existing RF & microwave hardware.

“Hybrid-Active” Load Pull

Using a Focus Microwaves MPT harmonic passive tuner, Mesuro will demonstrate the how the use of an impedance transformation can impact the active portion of the load pull solution. With this configuration we are able to provide all the benefits of the open loop active harmonic load pull solution, including the ability to achieve Gamma Load >=1.

Cardiff Behavioural Model Generation

Mesuro will demonstrate how data from the active load pull solutions can be used to provide accurate device models compatible with AWR and ADS simulation tools. These models can be generated from any measurements on any type of device, with a typical file size of <1 MB for a fully described black box/IP protected model. This capability has been enabled through the research carried out within the Centre for High Frequency Engineering at Cardiff University, under Prof. Paul Tasker et al.

RF Pulsed Active Load Pull

In conjunction with the hybrid active demonstration, Mesuro is also implementing the capability to measure and provide waveform engineering data on RF pulsed signals. This also includes the integration of the VTD xSWAP receiver and continues Mesuro’s approach of agnostic instrumentation implementations.