The High Performance Foams Division of Rogers Corp. will be exhibiting its BISCO® MF-1™ seating materials and BISCO L3 foams for use in rail transport flooring systems at the American Public Transportation Association (APTA) show to be held in New Orleans, LA, (Booth 5254), on October 3 to 5.

Visitors to the Rogers booth at the APTA show can demonstrate their eagle eye and steady hand while taking their chance to hit a bullseye to win an iPad. In doing so, they’ll learn more about the valuable features and benefits of BISCO MF-1.

Rogers BISCO MF-1 materials, used in railway seating applications worldwide, is a lightweight, flame retardant silicone product that can be easily fabricated into a wide range of cushioning and sealing applications where performance and long life are critical. BISCO MF-1 seating materials are produced to meet various flame, smoke and toxicity (FST) standards around the globe to ensure worry free usability. BISCO MF-1 materials reduce hot spots and improve rider comfort.

Rogers will also demonstrate its capabilities to support Floating Floor Designs at the APTA show with its BISCO L3 product. With applications engineering collaboration, Rogers works with designers in selecting the proper BISCO Silicones for use in railcar floating floor designs, enabling them to quickly evaluate options for materials that meet their specific design needs.

BISCO L3 open cell foams are developed specifically to meet the unique performance requirements of railcar flooring systems. Consistently demonstrating customized stiffness characteristics and excellent elasticity, BISCO L3 silicone foams ensure maximum vibration isolation under all travel conditions. The superior mechanical loss factor of L3 foams contributes to the overall damping of the flooring system, dissipating the intended amount of energy more effectively than alternative materials.