Cassidian has extended its contract with the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) for the further development of the RAKEL nationwide TETRA radio communication network. The network currently serves around 35,000 users and with its extension the number is slated to rise to 70,000 within a few years.

“By signing this new contract, the Swedish government has demonstrated its confidence in Cassidian’s ability to design and provide future-proof security solutions and services in the long term,” said Jean-Marc Nasr, Head of Security & Communication Solutions at Cassidian.

RAKEL is being delivered by a consortium consisting of Saab, Cassidian and Eltel Networks, contracted by MSB. The secure TETRA radio communication network serves all main security forces in Sweden, such as the police, coastguard, customs, rescue services, ambulance services and defense forces. It enables the user organizations to cooperate fully on a national scale. Serving public order, security and health organizations, it is also used by commercial parties such as utility companies.

Scheduled to run for a period of five years, the project will deliver a robust radio communication system that consists of around 1,700 base stations and a number of switches, replacing 200 communications systems. The components have been set up in places ranging from the southernmost areas of Sweden all the way up to the northernmost regions.

“We are very pleased to extend this contract and continue our work with the consortium,” said Nils Svartz, Deputy Director General at the Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency. “The increased population density in a globalised environment calls for advanced safety and crisis management. Immediate and comprehensive situational awareness is one of the most critical parameters in coordinating security forces to handle critical situations efficiently. RAKEL provides all our users such as civil protection, public safety and security forces, with the capability to decide and act on a solid awareness basis in emergency situations.”