Modelithics Inc. has been contracted by MicroMetrics Inc. to create new non-linear models for its line of high performance limiter diodes, including the MP7100, 7110 and 7120 series. The models will be valid for large-signal design allowing designers to better understand the temperature and power dependency of the RF behavior of these diodes for improved design. The models will initially be available in the Agilent Technologies Advanced Design System (ADS) design simulation software and later ported to other simulators.

Users of the Modelithics Non-linear Diode Library (NLD) for ADS will automatically receive the developed models in a future release. Requests for the models along with related RF data will also be made available from the Modelithics and MicroMetrics web sites.

Modelithics president and CEO Larry Dunleavy commented that, "We are very pleased to add MicroMetrics as a Strategic Modelithics Vendor Partner and look forward to a productive working relationship for the benefit of designers interested in more effective non-linear design using components like those available from MicroMetrics."

"We have been talking with Modelithics for some time and waiting for the right opportunity to engage in a meaningful project like this," said Jim Morgan, president and CEO of MicroMetrics. "We are excited about the way the simulation models and data sets under development will add value to application support, like improved limiter design guidance, and plan to follow this project with similar efforts for other product lines."