David Wynants, senior process engineer of Taconic Advanced Dielectric Division, Petersburgh, NY, was presented with a Distinguished Committee Service Award by the IPC – Association Connecting Electronics Industries at the recent IPC Printed Circuits Expo in Anaheim, CA.

This award was given to Wynants, along with other committee members, in appreciation and recognition of their contribution to the development of IPC-4412A, specification for finished fabric woven from “E” glass for printed circuits. “At Taconic, our engineering staff is not only committed to creating the best possible products for our individual customers, but also to improving standards to benefit the industry as a whole. We are pleased that David has been recognized for his hard work and contributions to the printed circuit board industry,” said Tom McCarthy, director of Product Development and Engineering.

IPC-4412A determines the nomenclature, definitions, general and chemical requirements for “E” Glass, and physical requirements for finished woven glass fiber fabrics. “E” glass is electrical grade glass fiber yarns that are intended as a reinforcing material in laminated plastics for electrical and electronic use.