MTT-S IMS 2011 Exhibitor Preview: Cables & Connectors Suppliers
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May 26, 2011

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Emerson Network Power
Booth No. 517
Emerson Network Power Connectivity Solutions is a global manufacturer of connectivity products and solutions supporting wireline and wireless communications, data networking, test and measurement, broadcast, medical, military, aerospace and industrial applications. Products are offered through authorized distributors and international sales channels and a network of manufacturers representatives.
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MIcable Inc.
Booth No. 934
MIcable Inc. is a leading designer and manufacturer of high performance microwave coaxial cable assemblies for a variety of applications, including DC to 40 GHz test flexible cable assemblies, conformable cable assemblies, and DC to 40 GHz semi-rigid cable assemblies. Custom design solutions of cable assemblies and various precise coaxial connectors are available.

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Microwave Journal
Booth No. 3414
The Trusted Resource for the RF/Microwave Industry.
Microwave Journal provides leading-edge technical content for RF, microwave and wireless engineers worldwide. MWJ the magazine reaches 50,000 qualified subscribers globally with practical design application articles for working engineers, the latest product features, news and analysis. delivers the latest news, events, webinars, white papers, blogs, video and newsletters to wireless professionals everywhere. For more than 50 years, Microwave Journal has been THE resource for the engineers who are developing the infrastructure for the next generation of wireless technologies.
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San-tron Inc.
Booth No. 4616
San-tron's eSeries connectors have been re-engineered for performance and durability to be the perfect mate for T-Flex™ cable. With evolved interfaces, perfectly matched materials, and extended ferrules and positive cable stops added for ruggedness and easy assembly, they are your alternative to semi-rigid and your high performance solution for advanced systems.
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Southwest Microwave
Booth No. 824
Owned and managed by Engineers. Microwave and millimeter connectors and adaptors. Industry lowest RF leakage < -100 dB. Field replaceable/serviceable. Extended power 27 GHz Super SMA. 18 GHz N and TNC. SSMA 36 GHz. 2.92 mm for 40 GHz. 2.40 mm to 50+ GHz. 1.85 mm for 60+ GHz. "Size 20" 60+ GHz coax for D-Sub/M24308 and Micro-D/83513 plus coax for Sizes 20, 16, 12 and 8 for standard D38999 multi-contact connectors. Microstrip, stripline and coplanar launchers. Accessories and installation tools. 100 percent RoHS, DFARS, Lead-free, REACH compliant, lot control and materials traceability. Export COTS EAR 99. ISO9001:2008. Space/hi-Rel Qualified.
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Teledyne Storm Products
Booth No. 2021
Ultra low loss dB Miser™ cable assemblies offer the lowest loss over specified frequency range, with fully captivated connectors for greater reliability and performance. Available now: dB Miser 300 (0.205 dB/ft nom at 18 GHz) and dB Miser 210 (0.367 dB/ft nom at 26.5 GHz). A 32 GHz, 0.190" cable will be added to the line later this summer.
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Thunderline-Z Inc.
Booth No. 517

Thunderline-Z offers laser services for hermetic sealing high frequency devices, components and subassembly packages. By employing the precise control of high power lasers, including advanced power ramping and pulse-shaping techniques, Thunderline-Z provides reliable hermetic seals for both standard and custom packages—even for package designs that incorporate posts or pedestals for stability.
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Times Microwave Systems
Booth No. 3310
PhaseTrack™ 210 cable assemblies are designed for applications demanding minimal change over temperature. All PhaseTrack cables use proprietary TF4™ dielectric that does not have the abrupt shift in the phase that occurs with solid or tape wrapped PTFE based products under normal room ambient conditions.

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TRU Corp.
Booth No. 3302
TRU Corp. is an industry leading supplier of highly engineered, custom, RF cable assemblies and interconnect products. For 60 years, TRU Corp. has provided the experience and innovation required to solve complex interconnect challenges. The company's high quality products are used in many demanding applications in commercial wireless, defense, aerospace, medical and industrial/semiconductor equipment. Contact TRU personally to experience TRU innovation at (978) 532-0775.
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Wavetronix/Res-net Microwave Inc.
Booth No. 449
For over 25 years Res-net Microwave Inc. has designed and manufactured attenuators, diode detectors, resistors and terminations for the RF and microwave industries. The company also offers semi-rigid coaxial cable and flexible cable through Wavetronix. Come visit Wavetronix at Booth 449 and see what new products the company is now offering.
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