COMSOL Inc. announced the release of the latest version of COMSOL Multiphysics, its award-winning simulation environment. Version 4.2, which expands the scope of applications covered by COMSOL, is now available and will be shipped to all customers with current subscriptions.

"The vision behind Version 4 was to provide a foundation for our customers to reach broader audiences," says Svante Littmarck, President and CEO of COMSOL. "The implication, and what we're delivering with 4.2, is an expanded product offering based on that platform."

Version 4.2 expands the applications covered by COMSOL with three new application modules -- Microfluidics, Geomechanics and Electrodeposition -- and new LiveLink interfaces for AutoCAD® and SpaceClaim®.

"This release really bolsters our offerings to meet market demands in several directions," says Littmarck. "Mechanical, electromagnetic, chemical, fluid and CAD interoperability are all covered in this release. Even areas not explicitly addressed will benefit from the improved solver technology."

"The list of features included in Version 4.2 is indeed impressive," adds Littmarck. "By any measure, this is a major release. General geometry and meshing, solvers, postprocessing, and, as COMSOL's customers have come to expect, user interface enhancements have all been upgraded. These new capabilities reach all products throughout the COMSOL environment, both existing and new."