AWR® Corp. announced today that it plans to open its third direct sales and support office in Asia with a Shanghai, China location. The announcement aligns with the end of AWR’s fiscal year and in particular one that has seen double-digit growth in AWR sales for the Asia-Pacific sub-region of Japan, China and Korea versus the year prior.

China, for the first time, joined Japan in the top five markets for AWR software ranked by country. During this past fiscal year, AWR’s software installations have expanded dramatically in China at multinational firms operating in the region, indigenous Chinese telecommunications companies, government research institutions and Universities.

AWR’s first office in Asia was established in 2006 in Tokyo, Japan followed by a second office established last year in Seoul, Korea. Now, this third addition of an AWR sales and support office in Asia will be based in Shanghai, China, and it is expected to be fully operational by the third quarter of this calendar year.

“AWR is experiencing rapid sales growth in Asia, and we are eager to continue investing resources to support the Asian market by expanding the technical support team currently in place in Japan, Korea and now China,” stated Ted Miracco, AWR Executive and Co-founder. “AWR China and the Asia-Pacific region are an increasingly significantly part of our worldwide revenues, and we expect significant growth in our user base over the next several years.”