LPKF headquarters located in Germany recently invested 5 M Euros into purchasing a neighboring building, giving an additional 32,000 square feet for product development and production. With the new space, LPKF will combine its research and development departments and will use the existing building for manufacturing laser systems. The new building is currently under renovation, joining it to the company’s existing complex and will be completed by June 2011.

This much needed space is directly related to the high demand in laser technology. To meet this rising demand, the company brought on more than 100 new employees bringing numbers from 350 in 2009 to more than 470 in 2011. “Due to the positive outcome of the past two years, LPKF was looking to expand, so when the chance to purchase the building next door arose, we seized the opportunity,” said Ingo Bretthauer, CEO at LPKF Laser & Electronics in Germany.