W.L. Gore & Associates has introduced a new, lighter-weight RG coaxial cable for aircraft communication and navigation systems, providing significant weight savings without compromising performance. When compared to standard RG coaxial cables, these new cables reduce operating costs because they are over 25% lighter and the diameter is more than 15% smaller. This smaller and lighter profile coaxial cable still meets the stringent electrical and mechanical requirements of MIL-T-81790 and EN 3475-503. The cables engineered for electrical impedance of 50 and 75 Ω also exceed the electrical requirements of MIL-C-17G.

Although weight is a crucial factor for the aerospace industry, the performance of cables cannot be compromised to reduce mass. Gore’s experience in developing fluoropolymer-based materials for the rugged environments encountered by aircraft has enabled them to consistently deliver high-performance, light-weight cables that meet RG specifications. These new lightweight RG coaxial cables are ideally suited for both newly designed systems and retrofit applications because their standard range of RF connectors can be terminated using standard tooling and processes.

The special cable design of Gore’s new RG coaxial cables facilitates easier routing and improved abrasion resistance for the cables. The unique jacketing material used in the cable’s construction significantly reduces size while maintaining shielding effectiveness, controlling impedance and withstanding operating temperatures ranging from -65° to 150°C.

W.L. Gore & Associates Inc.,
Landenberg, PA