Cambridge Broadband Networks Ltd. has launched its 10 Gb/s multipoint microwave backhaul platform. VectaStar Radio Controller (RC), the latest development of the company’s VectaStar microwave backhaul and access solution, is designed to meet the growing capacity requirements of mobile operators around the world.

The RC is a native Ethernet VectaStar hub that currently supports doubling of sector performance to 300 Mb/s, with planned upgrades this year to deliver 600 Mb/s and 1 Gb/s. The small footprint RC can control up to eight VectaStar sectors and aggregate traffic from up to 240 remote terminals in a single 1U hub. Those features exceed the requirements of network planners designing the dense backhaul networks required to support exponential growth in demand for mobile data services.

The RC is based on a Gigabit Ethernet backplane supporting up to 10 Gb/s sustained operation and is a software upgradable platform to allow for planned performance enhancements and new network standards.

John Naylon, Head of Development at Cambridge Broadband Networks, said, “Higher capacities and latencies well under 1 ms are a must for both HSPA and LTE backhaul. So is the ability to support IP traffic and all-IP architectures. VectaStar Radio Controller gives network designers all of these things in a small, efficient platform; the flexibility and performance of the radio controller gives our existing and future customers a backhaul platform for the future.”

With the introduction of the Radio Controller, designers can plan their high speed data networks with backhaul performance measured in 100’s of Mb/s aggregated seamlessly to 1 Gb/s or 10 Gb/s network interface ports, confident in the knowledge that they have a system to support their needs into the future.