On the heels of last weeks DesignCon in Santa Clara, AWR has just released an automated impedance matching module known as iMatch that works seamlessly with the company’s Microwave Office® (MWO) software. Impedance matching is necessary to minimize reflections and achieve the best possible energy transfer from stage to stage. In RF-power transistors the input impedance is of low value, decreasing as the power increases, or as the chip size becomes larger. This impedance must be matched either to a generator, generally 50 ohms internal impedance or to a preceding amplification stage. Impedance transformation ratios of 10 or even 20 are not rare. Interstage matching often has to be made between two complex impedances, which makes the design still more difficult, especially if matching must be accomplished over a wide frequency band.

Download the iMatch White Paper

The iMatch impedance matching module, a submodule of iFilter™, takes the RF engineer through the process of output and inter-stage matching via simple and straightforward mouse clicks and menu options. iMatch not only gives design engineers a new and automated tool for impedance matching, but also the flexibility, speed and accuracy required to meet a wide range of impedance matching challenges.

“The new iMatch impedance matching module allows users to quickly compare different matching topologies and choose among the best solution based upon user-specified requirements,” stated Mark Saffian, solution architect at AWR. “Additionally, it provides ease of use as a key benefit, enabling quicker time-to-market with increased accuracy for any impedance matching design challenge.”

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The following short video demonstrates how to use the new iMatch impedance matching module from AWR.

iMatch is available today. Contact your local AWR sales representatives for pricing and trials of this new tool.