We are very pleased to offer this updated survey of companies providing connectors, cables and cable assemblies. Seventy-four companies responded to our request for information this year, which is an increase from the 68 companies in last year’s survey. In addition, 15 of last year’s participants have updated their information as well, so this survey represents the most comprehensive listing ever offered of companies providing RF and microwave cable and connector products.

There is clearly a large overlap of similar products being produced by the 74 companies included in the survey, particularly the standard connectors. However, careful examination of the information shows that virtually all of the companies have at least one unique, proprietary or patented product that addresses some niche market and which forms the core of their business, as well as customized products to meet specific requirements. These special products and services seem to be the principal reason for the diversity of suppliers. In addition, some companies specialize in different markets such as Hi-Rel, military and base stations as opposed to low cost commercial and consumer. Thus, in reality, the overlap is not as great as it seems.

Every manufacturer has provided an address for its web site. Most of these sites contain either full catalog information or selected data sheets. We have also provided phone and e-mail points of contact for each company where available. In some cases, both foreign and domestic contacts have been provided.

I would like to thank the many people who responded to our request for information. Because of limited space, we were not able to use some detailed information that was sent in addition to the specific survey answers, however, we were able to use some of that information to expand on the brief answers to the questions. The data are presented in table format on the following pages. Readers are encouraged to use the web information and contact points to gain additional insight on the products, services and capabilities of a company of interest.

Download the 2006 Connector, Cable and Cable Assembly Survey | PDF (555KB)