Cassidian and Atlas Elektronik have completed the merger of their subsidiaries – Sofrelog and Atlas Maritime Security. The new company, named Signalis, started operating under that name in January 2011. The company, co-owned by Cassidian (60 percent) and Atlas Elektronik (40 percent), will have two Managing Directors: Rémi Julien, acting as CEO, and Dr. Arnd Helmetag, who will act as COO.

Signalis aims to capitalize on a total workforce of over 190 highly skilled maritime surveillance specialists in Germany and France, as well as on its large customer base, with more than 210 systems in use in some 50 countries. It will have the required financial strength to deliver the large-scale security solutions required by governments and other maritime users throughout the world.

The new company will aim to address markets worldwide with innovative, reliable and cost effective products ranging from small-scale Vessel Traffic Service (VTS) systems to high-performance Coastal Surveillance Systems (CSS). It will also provide solutions for harbor security, port management and information systems, as well as other related radar processing applications. It will benefit from its capability to integrate the latest sensor systems, communications, and data processing technologies.

"With the creation of Signalis we contribute the extensive capabilities of Atlas Elektronik for naval and maritime technologies, and Cassidian, creating a world leader in integrated maritime safety and security systems. This merger will allow us to offer our customers solutions that will respond to ever more complex safety and security needs covering land and sea," said Hervé Guillou, CEO of Cassidian Systems.

Dieter Rottsieper and Kai Horten, Managing Directors of Atlas Elektronik, added, "We now have the approval to implement our ambitious plan and integrate two major players in the maritime safety and security business. The increased technology base and strengthened research and development teams of Signalis will allow it to bring superior products and solutions to the market even faster."