IKE Micro and its sister company Bonding Source have moved into a newly refurbished facility, doubling their capacity. The 14,000 square foot IKE Micro facility includes a 3,200 Class 10,000 clean room, ESD flooring in the clean room and SMT areas, a larger material handling area for additional turnkey business, and proprietary manufacturing areas. IKE has also installed a high end Palomar 8000 automatic ball bonding machine. The expanded Bonding Source facility includes an area for monitored freezers and a clean room for the laser cutting of epoxy pre-forms. Bonding Source has purchased a CO2 laser machine that will be installed in February 2011.

IKE Micro is a build to print manufacturer serving the microelectronics and RF/microwave marketplace. Bonding Source provides immediate, in stock delivery of epoxy pastes and films and bonding wire, and one week delivery of epoxy pre-forms.