US Army’s Intelligence and Information Warfare Directorate has awarded SRC Inc., formerly Syracuse Research Corp., a $500,000 phase one development contract for an Omni-Directional Weapon Location (OWL) radar system. Under the terms of this contract, SRC will perform a preliminary design of the OWL radar system.

The OWL radar is to be developed as a state-of-the-art, yet affordable, weapon location radar system, providing the Army with the ability to detect, track and locate mortar, cannon and rocket firing positions with unprecedented accuracy over a wide variety of threat trajectories. OWL is a multi-mission-capable system that provides surveillance over a hemispherical coverage area, a capability that is not currently achievable with existing weapon location radars.

“This award is a testament to SRC’s innovative capabilities and we are excited to continue to be on the cutting edge of radar design,“ said Bob Roberts, President and CEO of SRC. “I’m confident that this program will result in extraordinary advances in radar technology for the Army, and we look forward to the application of this technology in pursuit of our number one priority – to protect our troops and save lives.”