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Contact: Custom-Cal Global Tech Solutions
Title: Sales and Tech Support
Phone: (908)328-3663


535 US Hwy 130
Hamilton Township NJ 08620
United States

Ceyear designs, manufactures and sells high frequency Electronic Test and Measurement equipment as well as optical equipment.  For years they have operated and maintained many international organizations and laboratories to be able to take advantage of the best research, development, design, manufacturing, test and verification.  The products deliver a top tier level of quality to the users while being price competitive in the marketplace and making electronic design affordable for more companies. 


Contact: Custom-Cal Global Tech Solutions
Title: Sales and Tech Support
Phone: (908)328-3663
Complete address: 535 US Hwy 130, Hamilton Township, NJ 08620


Line of Network Analyzers: AV3672

The Ceyear AV3672 line of network analyzers are cutting edge and have an extremely competitive value proposition without compromising quality. It is offered in 5 different frequency ranges up to 67 GHz, both 2 and 4 port configurations, and frequency range extension up to 500 GHz. 

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Signal/Spectrum Analyzers: AV4051 Series

AV4051 Series signal/spectrum analyzers have excellent performance in test dynamic range, phase noise, amplitude accuracy, and test speed.  Various test functions include high-sensitivity spectrum analysis, power measurement, IQ analysis, transient analysis, pulse parameter analysis, audio analysis, analog demodulation measurement, phase noise test and more.

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