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It’s Not Just About SWaP Any Longer

Addressing Challenges for the Next Generation of Missiles and Munitions

To address the challenges of miniaturization and increased density of components in a given volume, the industry has focused on reducing size, weight and power (SWaP). This long-running approach is beginning to see limits in foundry and packaging processes and the continued SWaP progression. Two key factors are behind this.

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How Software-Defined Spectrum Analysis is Advancing Spectrum Monitoring and SIGINT Applications

A new generation of Software-Defined Spectrum Analysis solutions has been developed. By being based on software-defined radio innovation, these solutions are able to provide the frequency and performance required in a compact, versatile, and cost-effective unit, and they can be quickly upgraded or adjusted for a wide variety of deployment scenarios. This gives users the flexibility and versatility needed to adapt to changing signal processing and analysis requirements without undergoing a full hardware upgrade.

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