While work is ongoing on GaN and SiC technologies, Strategy Analytics predicts that GaAs will continue to represent the primary compound semiconductor technology for defense markets through 2014. The focus for GaAs MMIC utilization in the military market is on communications, RADAR and smart munitions; Strategy Analytics expects the market for GaAs devices to see continued growth at a CAAGR of 6 percent through to 2014.

The next generation of military tactical radios will serve as nodes and hubs in mobile, ad hoc networks, which will connect ground-based, sea and airborne assets. Achieving this requires changes in radio architecture that will profoundly impact future electronic component demand from this defense sector. Strategy Analytics hosted a 40-minute complementary webinar on September 1 (see www.strategy-analytics.com for further details) to present an overview of the trends in this market.

As well as tactical radios, a desire for higher bandwidth and networking capabilities in Military Satellite Communications (MilSatCom) is creating new opportunities for advanced electronic components. Strategy Analytics, in conjunction with Microwave Journal, will be holding a webinar on October 26. See www.mwjournal.com/milsatcom_webinar for further details. Strategy Analytics will also be at this year's Milcom 2010 in San Jose, CA. Contact Asif Anwar at aanwar@strategyanalytics.com if interested in arranging a meeting at Milcom 2010.