Infineon Technologies has introduced the ThinPAK 8x8, a new leadless SMD package for HV MOSFETs. It has a very small footprint of only 64 mm2 and a very low profile of only 1 mm in height. The significantly smaller package size, combined with benchmark low parasitic inductances, provides designers with a new and effective way to decrease system solution size in power density driven designs.

The new 1 mm-high surface-mount package houses the industry-standard TO-220 die size within a leadless outline measuring only 8x8 mm and features an exposed metal drain pad for efficient removal of internally generated heat. Its low profile will enable designers to achieve slimmer power supply enclosures enabling compact and stylish new products for today’s markets.

The ThinPAK 8x8 package is characterized by a very low source inductance of only 2 nH, a separate driver source connection for clean gate signals. As a result, the package enables faster and thus more efficient switching of power MOSFETs and is also easier to handle in terms of switching behavior and EMI.

“This type of package sets a new market standard for leadless SMD packages for HV MOSFETs, and is being introduced today in co-operation with STMicroelectronics,” said Jan-Willem Reynaerts, Product Line Manager HVMOS power discretes at Infineon Technologies. “Silicon technologies like CoolMOS™ have reached such an advanced stage of fast and efficient switching, that the standard traditional through-hole packages more and more have become the limiting factor in getting to the next level of energy efficiency and power density.”

As well as being available in the form of the ThinPAK 8x8, STMicroelectronics will introduce MOSFETs using this innovative package, the PowerFLAT™ 8x8 HV, therefore providing customers with a high-quality alternative source.