Murata Electronics North America introduced the new LQH88P_38 series of power inductors, marking Murata's entrance into the large form factor power inductor market. The inductors support up to an 8A rated current and measure 8 x 8 mm with a low profile of 3.8 mm. This new inductor series is designed for DC-DC converters that are utilized in flat screen televisions, set-top boxes, digital recording devices, wireless base stations and other electronic applications.

"The new inductors' advanced design saves valuable space and can easily replace larger inductors without compromising performance," said Deryl Kimbro, Group Product Manager for Murata Electronics North America. "Also, these efficient inductors position Murata as a key player in the large form factor power inductor market and expand Murata's customer base as well as potential applications."

In addition to the space-saving design, the LQH88P_38 series includes excellent DC bias current characteristics and low DC resistance (down to 0.006 Ohms). Murata also designed the series with a ferrite resin coating to magnetically shield the inductors and prevent interference with other devices and circuits. The LQH88P_38 series comes in inductance values between 1.0 and 100 µH and high rated current parts are also available.

The LQH88P_38 series sample price is $0.220 and the lead-time is approximately eight weeks.