Cobham is significantly enhancing its existing presence in India through the establishment of a wholly owned subsidiary, Cobham India Private Ltd. With offices in New Delhi and Bangalore, Cobham India Private Ltd. will open during the first quarter of 2010.

“Cobham is committed to building a significant long-term investment in India," said Andy Stevens, who takes over as CEO of Cobham plc in January 2010. "We already knew that India was one of our most important export markets; however, our Liaison Office in New Delhi, which we opened in 2008, has given us a much better understanding of the needs of our customers and partners. As a result, we have decided to significantly enhance our permanent presence in India in 2010. Looking to the future, we plan to increase our industrial participation, strengthening cooperation with both public and private sector companies.”

Cobham India Private Ltd. will provide all Indian customers with a single point of contact resulting in closer working relationships with key customers and partners such as Hindustan Aeronautics Ltd., Bharat Electronics Ltd. and the Indian armed forces. Focusing on long-term strategic partnerships that create sustainable value to Indian industry, Cobham is also actively engaged in pursuing technical and business partnerships with private Indian companies and institutions.

Stevens adds, "We recognise that defence offset is an important issue for the Indian Government. Part of the remit of Cobham India Private Ltd. includes putting in place structures and processes to ensure that we are well positioned to respond to defence offset commitments."

Cobham is currently pursuing opportunities across all sectors of the Indian market: defence, security and commercial aerospace.