Introduction to Communication Electronic Warfare Systems; Second Edition

Richard Poisel

Focusing mainly on the engineering aspects of communications electronic warfare (EW) systems, this thoroughly updated and revised edition of a popular Artech House book offers a current and complete introduction to the subject. The second edition adds a wealth of new material, including expanded treatments of two critical areas—RF noise and the effects of signal fading. Moreover, there is now a complete chapter on the important topic of jamming performance over fading channels. The book details the components, systems and operations of electronic warfare systems dedicated to protecting and attacking military communications networks.

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ISBN: 978-1-59693-452-8

Cognitive Radio Technology

Bruce A. Fette, Ed.

This book thoroughly covers current knowledge about cognitive radio (CR) concepts, principles, standards, spectrum policy issues and product implementation details. In addition to 16 chapters that cover all the basics of cognitive radio, this new edition contains eight brand-new chapters covering cognitive radios in multiple antenna systems, policy language, the policy engine, spectrum-sensing and rendezvous techniques, spectrum-consumption models, protocols for adaptation, cognitive networking and information on the latest standards, thus making it a valuable resource for radio frequency and wireless engineers.

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Knowledge Based Radar Detection, Tracking and Classification

Fulvio Gini and Muralidhar Rangaswamy

This book brings together the key concepts essential for the application of Knowledge Based Systems (KBS) to radar detection, tracking, classification and scheduling. It highlights the latest advances in the field and forecasts the impact of KBS technology on future systems, including civilian, military and homeland defense applications. Throughout the book, the authors offer examples of how KBS works and how it can dramatically improve radar performance and capability.

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