Endwave Corp., a leading provider of high frequency RF devices and integrated subsystems, has announced the release of an extensive product line of microwave and millimeter-wave integrated circuits for use in microwave radios and other high frequency systems. The product line consists of a wide variety of circuit types including amplifiers, voltage-controlled oscillators, up and down converters, variable gain amplifiers, voltage variable attenuators, fixed attenuators and filters. Both bare die and QFN packaged devices are available. Devices are available over the full microwave radio frequency range of 7 to 38 GHz and the product line also includes devices for the new E-Band (71 to 76 GHz and 81 to 86 GHz) frequency range. The product line has been derived from Endwave’s extensive design library created while providing custom microwave and millimeter-wave RF modules to radio systems OEMs. The devices are specially designed to meet the demands of next generation products that require high power output, excellent linearity and low phase noise. Many of the devices also include integrated control and detection elements that provide interfaces to facilitate sophisticated micro-controller operation of both transmit and receive chains.

“Since the founding of Endwave over fifteen years ago, we have had a dedicated internal MMIC design group that has developed the numerous high performance circuits used in our module products,” said John Mikulsky, Endwave's President and Chief Operating Officer. "Having shipped millions of these devices in various modules supplied to microwave radio OEMs, we are taking the opportunity to offer these desirable solutions to the market as bare die and packaged devices. We have worked with virtually every MMIC foundry in the industry to produce these circuits to ensure cost competitiveness and reliability.”