San-tron Inc. has announced the release of a UG-58 A/U Type N panel receptacle that features single piece body construction. The seamless UG-58s are manufactured using a custom machine designed and built by San-tron for fully automated assembly.

This automation and construction method saves time and money during the manufacturing process, allowing for lower prices that make the receptacles a cost efficient choice for the consumer. The one piece construction of the UG-58s also dramatically increases the reliability of the panel receptacle by eliminating interference. The result is consistently smooth signal transfer.

The UG-58 A/U panel receptacles have a frequency range of DC to 11 GHz and a nominal impedance of 50 ohms. They are rated for operating voltages of 1000 V RMS and have a maximum dielectric withstanding voltage of 2500 V RMS at 60 Hz at sea level. The receptacles are designed for a temperature range of -65° to +165°C and meet interface standards in accordance with MIL-STD-348.

Pricing for UG-58 A/U panel receptacles start at $1.49 at quantities of 3,000+. (Prices may vary depending on material costs at time of purchase.) Delivery: stock to six weeks.