Elcoteq SE, a leading electronics manufacturing services (EMS) company in the communications technology industry, has renewed its membership in the Kempen/SNS Smaller Socially Responsible Investment (SRI) Europe Index, having been included in the index since its launch in October 2003.

European companies that meet or exceed high ethical, social and environmental performance standards are included in the Kempen SRI universe. Elcoteq passed the exacting standards imposed after a thorough analysis, which is based on the material published by the company and on an extensive questionnaire.

The focus on corporate responsibility is being intensified with increased scrutiny from stakeholders, investors, customers, employers, governments and the media. The level of responsibility demanded will only increase and, according to Kempen, the level of Elcoteq´s reporting shows that the company is well placed for the future.

The company’s director, investor relations and corporate responsibility, Minna Aila, said, “Elcoteq has systematically developed its corporate responsibility activities for several years. Recognition of our efforts is always an important motivation for even further improvement.”