Escape Communications Inc., a developer of signal processing solutions for wireless communication products and systems, announced the availability of the EXM-2L16, a flexible, scalable, cost-optimized Indoor Unit (IDU) for private labeling to OEM telecommunications system providers. With the drive to upgrade to LTE and WiMAX 4G technologies and maintain support for legacy 2G and 3G networks, wireless carriers and private network operators are experiencing increasing performance and cost pressures on their point-to-point (PTP) backhaul infrastructure.

Microwave PTP radio links can be deployed not only to eliminate leased-line OPEX in today’s 2G/3G cellular networks, but also to address the daunting backhaul requirements of future 4G broadband rollouts. Escape Communications offers a rapidly fieldable PTP microwave connectivity solution for price-sensitive data interconnect applications; namely, the EXM-2L16, a cost-optimized IDU that can be paired with a customer-unique or off-the-shelf outdoor unit (ODU).

The EXM-2L16 offers a compelling value proposition to microwave point-to-point OEMs and cellular backhaul/private network solution providers:

• Cost-optimized IDU for price sensitive applications
• Fully scalable and customer configurable architecture
• Customizable to OEM or reseller brand
• Compatible with all major third-party ODUs (e.g., REMEC Broadband Wireless, WaveLab, Beijing Skyway)

The Escape Communications EXM-2L16 cost-optimized IDU includes several key features:

• Flexible data rate and bandwidth occupancy up to 170 Mbps
• Remotely configurable as all Ethernet or any combination of 1 to 16xE1/T1 + Ethernet
• Native E1/T1 and Ethernet transmission: No packet-over-circuit or circuit-over-packet
• Flexible modem and multiplexer: Programmable modulations (QPSK to 256 QAM), symbol rates and FEC
• FlexBand™ arbitrary bandwidth selection: Flexible channel sizing up to 30 MHz
• Embedded layer-2 switch with port-based VLAN security, rate limiting and QoS priority queuing
• Optional hot-standby 1+1 protection: Protect 2 ODUs from a single IDU
• Extensive link management capabilities: SNMP, custom MIB and HTTP GUI support

“We are extremely proud to announce the availability of our EXM-2L16 cost-optimized IDU for the OEM point-to-point microwave radio market,” said co-founder and CEO, Michael Stewart. “Our 10 years of experience delivering advanced signal processing solutions has enabled us to address the pressing need for affordable mobile backhaul. Escape’s high performance and customizable IDU is compatible with all major third-party ODUs, allowing established OEMs and start-up system providers to capitalize on the growing mobile backhaul sector with essentially no barrier to entry.”