M/A-COM Technology Solutions Inc., a provider of microwave and RF design solutions and products, introduced a new pair (10 and 40 W) of wideband VHF power amplifier modules. These modules shorten the final application design stage in mobile, portable and base station communication systems for microwave and RF applications. The multi-modulation modules consist of a driver and an output stage with built-in amplitude equalization and feedback networks.

“The 10 and 40 W values were chosen to represent the output power that was technically achievable over five octaves of performance, along with linearity and efficiency,” said Gary Lopes, director and general manager of M/A-COM Technology Solutions’ Power Hybrids Operation. “The internal design helps keep the modules compact and is ideal for a wide range of mobile communications systems.”

The MAPM-020512-010C00 (10 W) device is a dual-stage module with over 20 dB gain. It also includes a sophisticated ALC control pin that can be used for signal modulation, tight gain flatness or temperature correction or other similar applications. When the ALC input is used for AM modulation, an external envelop detector is used to sense the output envelop of the power amplifier and supply a feedback signal to the ALC loop to linearize modulation. Modulation bandwidths spans from DC to over 1 MHz, making the 10 W module useful for voice, data or even video transmission. The MAPM-020512-010C00 operates in a frequency range between 20 to 512 MHz. The supply voltage is 30 V, input power 20 dBm, output power 20 W and bias current 1.0 A.

The MAPM-020512-040C00 (40 W) is very similar to the MAPM-020512-010C00 dual-stage module in both size and performance. The key difference is that it also includes a DC gate bias pin for the MOSFETs rather than an ALC control pin. The MAPM-020512-040C00 operates in a frequency range between 20 to 512 MHz. The supply voltage is 30 V, input power 10 W, output power 30 W and bias current 3.0 A.

Both modules have an operating case temperature range from -40 degrees to 100 degrees Celsius and can be stored in temperatures ranging from -50 degrees to 100 degrees Celsius.