Keithley Instruments Inc., a leader in solutions for emerging measurement needs, introduced Version 2.0 of its SignalMeister™ Waveform Creation Software, a powerful RF development tool with next-generation performance and usability. SignalMeister 2.0 features a new, “object-oriented” graphical user interface (GUI) and is the only waveform creation software on the market that uses a click-and-drag objects-based approach, allowing RF engineers to intuitively create basic and complex waveforms using graphical objects.

This object-orientated GUI is optimized for MIMO signals and allows users to visually create a dramatically expanded range of test waveforms. SignalMeister 2.0 enables the creation of the entire range of signals in accordance with WiMAX and WLAN wireless connectivity standards and 3GPP and 3GPP2 cellular standards. To learn more about Keithley’s SignalMeister software, visit

First introduced in mid-2007, SignalMeister is a PC-based, next-generation waveform creation tool that lets engineers create highly complex signals required for today’s RF testing needs quickly and flawlessly. SignalMeister is an expandable software platform with a common user interface that allows creation of waveforms from multiple signal standards with optional additive signal impairments and channel modeling in a single development environment. Users download the waveforms they create to Keithley’s Series 2900 RF Vector Signal Generators. SignalMeister is ideally suited for the testing needs of manufacturers supplying mobile phones, wireless connectivity devices, RF chip sets, and components in both production and R&D environments.

SignalMeister Waveform Creation Software enables users to test all aspects of WiMAX communications equipment from 400 MHz to 4 GHz, and to 6 GHz if WLAN measurements are needed, with all available modulation methods. This integrated software package enables users to create signals easily across a wide variety of signal types and use common features such as signal impairments and channel models to modify reference signals for extensive product testing. The software features an object-oriented GUI that allows users to create and download highly complex signals quickly and easily, just by dragging objects into a project work area, defining their parameters, and connecting them, without code development. It features forms-based signal definitions that guide the user through creation of complex signals and allows users to save objects and projects for re-use and sharing to save time and eliminate compatibility problems between users.