Having previously recognized State of the Art Inc. (SOTA) with its 2006 Supplier Excellence Award, Honeywell FMT (Kansas City, MO) nominated SOTA to the Department of Energy for further recognition.

It has now been announced that SOTA has been honored with the United States Department of Energy SMALL BUSINESS MANUFACTURING FIRM OF THE YEAR award for fiscal 2006.

Consideration for this award is based on the areas of quality performance, order administration, cost control, technical support, responsiveness and delivery performance along with other factors.

The award reads in part, "In recognition of outstanding performance and extraordinary customer service in support of the Department of Energy's mission."

Robert Hufnagel, president and CEO of SOTA, acknowledged the award, saying, "We are grateful to Honeywell FMT, and the Department of Energy for these awards, and the recognition that accompanies them."

Founded over thirty-five years ago, State of the Art is dedicated to producing the highest quality resistive products with the lowest failure rates in the world. Primary markets include aerospace, communications, satellite, biomedical, defense and other industries.