ACCA Networks Co. Ltd. and NTT DoCoMo Inc. are partnering in a joint venture — ACCA Wireless Co. Ltd. — for the provision of broadband wireless services based on mobile WiMAX technology. As business partners, both companies will accelerate preparations to apply for the 2.5 GHz broadband wireless access license and develop business after the license acquisition.

Under the agreement, ACCA Networks will provide overall management of ACCA Wireless, such as operation of high speed wired infrastructure and sales of broadband wireless services, while DoCoMo will help construct the wireless access network and provide technical assistance.

ACCA Networks agreed to the partnership based on DoCoMo's extensive experience and know-how in mobile technologies. DoCoMo, which has been pursuing the launch of 2.5 GHz broadband wireless services, sees a good fit with ACCA Networks' goal to provide services with globally standardized technologies through open, cooperative relationships that leverage each partner's strengths.

DoCoMo's stake in ACCA Wireless will be limited to no more than one-third, according to stipulations of the Japanese ministry, since the company is an existing operator of 3G services. ACCA Wireless will be recapitalized at about 72 billion Yen, of which DoCoMo would provide about 19 billion Yen for a stake of less than the 33.3 percent ceiling. ACCA Networks will invest about 30 billion Yen, which will exceed the minimum 40 percent requirement for managerial control of ACCA Wireless as a consolidated subsidiary. Additional partners will be sought.