Walleye™ Technologies and the Harmonix Division of Terabeam Corp. have formed an alliance to develop a next-generation, hand-held, portable imaging technology capable of “seeing” into and through solid objects.

The Walleye Imaging System is a patent-pending technology platform that generates high quality digital images that can be readily displayed, stored, analyzed and transmitted. The Walleye Imaging System works like a digital “camera,” but uses invisible wavelengths called millimeter-waves to see into and through objects. “Our breakthrough was the integration of a low cost and compact optic design with the millimeter-wave capabilities of Terabeam,” said David Holbrook, CTO of Walleye.

Terabeam is a leading developer of millimeter-wave communication system components. The Walleye camera will incorporate Terabeam’s millimeter-wave transmitter and receiver. “Walleye’s technology opens a new generation of affordable and portable imaging products using millimeter-waves,” said Robert Fitzgerald, CEO of Terabeam Corp. “We are very fortunate to have Terabeam as a corporate partner in our camera development efforts. Their expertise in millimeter-wave technology will allow Walleye to accelerate development of a new generation of imaging products,” said Holbrook. The Walleye Imaging System has applications across a diversity of markets, including consumer (home repair and construction), security and medical applications. Walleye Technologies’ business model is to partner with leading manufacturing, marketing and sales organizations in the targeted markets. One example of a security application of the Walleye Imaging System is the ability for security personnel to scan bags, packages and people in a non-invasive manner and without physical contact.