The Microwave Journal, the longest running communications technology publication in the industry, and Electromagnetic Careers, a brand new online job network specializing in the placement of wireless communications engineers, have announced that they have entered into an alliance to combine their respective efforts and co-market services. This joining of forces is intended to provide professionals with a cutting-edge job posting and open position reporting service. 

This joint effort will enable readers of both sites to enhance their professional experiences on the web and gain access to tools and resources that will enable them to meaningfully further their career ambitions.  Microwave Journal readers will be able to quickly target and track companies with open positions to fill by simply clicking on the resources link from the Microwave Journal homepage.  Once registered with the Electromagnetic Careers system, candidates will be able to quickly manage their own recruitment process and gain access to resources specifically targeted at their chosen industry, wireless communications engineering.

 "We are very excited about partnering with Electromagnetic Careers,” says Microwave Journal Publisher Carl Sheffres. “With so many different online recruiting companies available these days, both employers and job seekers want to know that they are investing their time in a process and a company that really understands their needs and dynamics.  Electromagnetic Careers is not trying to be all things to all people.  They focus on our industry and our industry only.” 

Visitors to the Electromagnetic Careers site will be only one click away from the seasoned experience and innovative offerings available only on the Microwave Journal website.  Job seekers and hiring managers alike can gain industry current awareness, bring themselves up to date on industry trends, and research industry movements and cycles.  Likewise Microwave Journal readers will be able to explore details about new technologies and products ranging from entire systems to small devices.

All of these offerings will provide job seekers with the intellectual tools they need to compete for attractive positions. In addition, hiring managers will be equipped with the knowledge they need to attract experienced professionals with desirable skills.

Under the new alliance, The Microwave Journal and Electromagnetic Careers have developed a seamless integration that maximizes the visibility of job postings and minimizes unnecessary distractions. This integration also provides for a more interactive experience for Microwave Journal and visitors.  Now, visitors to both sites can see these offerings as more than just jobs and information services.  Now these sites will be viewed more as professional industry resources.

"RF & Microwave-related engineering is a specialized field involving multiple areas of expertise sharing unique commonalities." Says Isaac Mendelson, General Manager of "We are pleased and encouraged to find Microwave Journal the longest running communications technology publication in the industry, to be a supporting partner sharing the realization of the importance of such industry-specific service to the community. Together we hope to gain engineers and hiring managers an online meeting grounds offering the professional environment optimal for making employment/careers choices."