MobiTV, Inc., a leader in mobile and broadband television and music services, last week announced it will be unveiling the first seamlessly unified multicast and unicast television solution for Mobile WiMAX.  In addition, MobiTV will be demonstrating the integration of critical security and content protection layers through a partnership with NDS, the leading provider of technology solutions for digital pay-TV. 

“The leaders in Mobile WiMAX infrastructure, data security and content delivery have banded together to present the future of cross platform entertainment,” said Dr. Phillip Alvelda, CEO, chairman and co-founder, MobiTV. “This system proves how Mobile WiMAX service providers can bring truly interactive television to their subscribers in a personalized, secure and scalable manner today. This live Mobile WiMAX television demonstration is a huge step for the industry and the WiMAX standard.”

This technology integration enables Mobile WiMAX operators to offer premium mobile television over a two-way IEEE 802.16e network, protect content rights and service revenues, all while providing a true broadcast experience with high-quality, multicast and unicast streaming at 30 frames per second. This demonstration includes the integration of the NDS VideoGuard® Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Conditional Access (CA) Server with the MobiTV® service, supporting content encryption and subscriber management. On the client side, the companies have integrated the NDS VideoGuard DRM and CA client with MobiTV’s mobile TV client running on an Ultra Mobile PC.

“MobiTV offers one of the leading platforms for the delivery of TV to mobile devices. Our demonstration shows how Mobile WiMAX operators can generate revenues from mobile video by supporting multiple business models and protecting their content at the same time” said Joseph Deutsch, VP Product Marketing, NDS.

This demonstration proves that the Mobile WiMAX standard is very well-suited to support the long-term evolution of wireless networks in the face of rapidly growing demand for television services.   If and when any area of the network becomes congested with television traffic, redundant delivery could be combined by multicasting popular streams.

The MobiTV Mobile WiMAX solution, in conjunction with partners like NDS and Runcom, showcases the ability to secure high-value content using either unicast or broadcast for large-scale deployments under extreme demand.

  • MobiTV: Content, streaming infrastructure, application

  • NDS: Content and Service Protection

  • Runcom: Mobile WiMAX (802.16e) infrastructure

MobiTV, Inc. ( is leading the convergence of television, film and music across the mobile and personal computing markets.  The Emmy® Award winning service has more than one million subscribers and offers popular TV and digital radio channels from top labels, networks and cable providers. The MobiTV® service is available in the US through AT&T, Sprint, Cingular, Alltel; the UK through 3UK and Orange; in Canada through Bell Canada, Rogers and TELUS Mobility; in Latin America through América Móvil, Claro and Telcel; and other regional carriers internationally.  Founded in 1999, MobiTV is a privately-held company headquartered in Emeryville, CA.