Giga-tronics Inc., a manufacturer of instruments, subsystems and sophisticated microwave components that have broad applications in both commercial and military wireless telecommunications systems, announced a new partnership agreement with TestMart, a marketplace operator and service provider for the IT, network maintenance, and test and measurement industries.

The agreement authorizes TestMart to present a catalog of Giga-tronics’ RF and microwave test equipment in bench top and VXI bus configurations (synthesizers, signal generators, RF power meters), as well as government marketplace services for Giga-tronics to meet the needs of federal customers.

“Including Giga-tronics in the TestMart product offering provides us with the opportunity to offer the federal government an even broader array of high quality test instrumentation,” said Peter Ostrow, president and CEO of TestMart. “US government users and buyers will continue to have an easy way to search and procure the highest quality items that are compliant with the Federal Acquisition Regulations (FAR).”

“Testmart provides Giga-tronics a web portal and strong marketing arm to offer products to federal government that was not available to us previously,” said Phil Bowen, vice president sales and marketing of Giga-tronics. “We look forward to a mutually beneficial and cooperative relationship in providing highest quality signal generators, VXI and PXI switches and components.”