* RF and Microwave Test Accessories Catalog

This 207-page catalog features the company's adapters, cables, connectors, amplifiers, attenuators, detectors, directional couplers and bridges, filters and limiters, impedance test accessories, mixers, network analyzer accessories, power dividers and splitters, power sensors, spectrum analyzer accessories, switches, terminations and waveguide accessories.

Agilent Technologies,
Englewood, CO (800) 452-4844.

Circle No. 200

* Company Brochure

This 14-page brochure features the company's circuits and substrates, substrate design guide, lower cost microwave circuitry, chip attenuators, and chip resistors. Product drawings and specifications are included.

Amitron Inc.,
North Andover, MA (978) 686-1882.

Circle No. 201

* CD-ROM Catalog

This CD-ROM catalog gives customers a fast and efficient means to access information about the company's products. It is easy-to-use, provides unprecedented accessibility and features clickable navigation as well as an electronic table of contents and index for easy searching capabilities.

Decibel Products,
an Allen Telecom company,
Dallas, TX (800) 676-5342.

Circle No. 202

* Antenna Measurement
and Evaluation Services Brochure

This brochure describes the company's STARGATE system for antenna testing. The system is based on the patented modulated scattering technique, which enables very rapid antenna measurements through the use of a static probe array.

e-tenna Corp., Laurel, MD (240) 456-4115.

Circle No. 203

* Power Products

The Kikusui 2001 product catalog is designed for users of AC and DC power supplies, electronic loads, power controllers, battery testers, and general test and measurement instruments. The catalog highlights new products and provides both visual and model numbers.

IFR Systems Inc.,
Wichita, KS (800) 835-2352.

Circle No. 204

* Optical Networking Products Catalog

The new "Optical Networking Products" data book incorporates all the company's current offerings, with a focus on many of the new releases for OC-12, 48 and 192 applications. Product applications include network servers, telecommunication systems, instrumentation and defense electronics.

Micro Networks,
Worcester, MA (508) 852-8456.

Circle No. 205

* Microwave Antennas Brochure

This brochure describes high performance microwave antennas. Featured are radar antennas up to 15 feet in diameter, dual-polarized reflector antennas with greater than 65 dB isolation and others. Also, the company's far-field antenna range, which has cross polarization levels more than 65 dB down, is described.

Microstar Inc.,
Palm Bay, FL (321) 951-0208.

Circle No. 206

* Thermistor Sensor Probes Bulletin

The company's Bulletin No. TS104 describes a new series of interchangeable thermistor sensor probes. A resistance vs. temperature chart from 0° to 150°C in 1° increments is included. Twelve of the most popular mechanical configurations are also illustrated with reference dimensions to aid in the user's selection.

Oven Industries Inc.,
Mechanicsburg, PA (717) 766-0721.

Circle No. 207

* Reference Catalog

This 100-page reference catalog features over 1500 hard-to-find science, laboratory and optical products. A vast assortment of new items and resources are listed in the catalog, including hundreds of science discovery items, optics, biomedical instruments, scales, solar equipment, lasers and magnifiers.

a division of Edmund Scientific, Tonawanda, NY (800) 728-6999.

Circle No. 208

* Wireless Components Selection Guide

This eight-page selection guide features the company's inductor capacitor and filter components, antennas and services. Product photographs, applications, features, benefits and performance characteristics are provided. A description of the company and its design capabilities and testing facilities is also included.

Spectrum Control Inc.,
Fairview, PA (814) 835-1650.

Circle No. 209

* Thick and Thin Film Resistive Products Catalog

This 28-page catalog presents the broadest line of high reliability and military thick and thin film resistive products for surface-mount applications. Tolerance ranges from 10 to 0.1 percent, TCRs from 100 to 25 ppm.

State of the Art Inc.,
State College, PA (800) 458-3401.

Circle No. 210

* New Capabilities Brochure

This six-page brochure details the company's custom air filter products and capabilities. The brochure also features the company's prototype program that provides a customized, built-to-spec air filter in five working days.

Universal Air Filter Co.,
Sauget, IL (800) 541-3478.

Circle No. 211