In "MEMS for RF/Microwave Wireless Applications: The Next Wave," a tutorial by Randy J. Richards and Héctor J. De Los Santos that appeared in the March issue of Microwave Journal, a number of figures were published without proper credits. Figures 2, 3, 4, 5, 7, 10c, 11, 13a, 13b and 14b previously appeared in IEEE publications; Figure 12 was previously published in Microwaves & RF; Figure 14a appeared in a paper by Miller, Zhang and Bright, presented at The Thirteenth Annual International Conference on MEMS, 2000 and Figures 8, 9, 10a and 10b appeared in "Topical Review: RF MEMS from a Device Perspective," by J. Jason Yao, published by IOP Publishing Ltd. In addition, the original source for Figure 10a was HRL Laboratories LLC, Malibu, CA.