*          Ceramic Resources

This 350-page hardcover book (Glazes and Glass Coatings) focuses on the process of making ceramic coatings, their chemical makeup and the properties of these coatings. It includes 125 photos and illustrations, 70 in full color, and applies to industries involved in the manufacturing of tile, ceramic coating materials, sanitaryware, tableware, and enameled appliances, as well as faculty and students in ceramic engineering and studio potters.

The American Ceramic Society, Westerville, OH (614) 890-4700.

Circle No. 200

*          Product Brochure

This eight-page brochure features Rigid/Bus™ board stiffeners with current-carrying capability. The stiffeners add mechanical stability to printed circuit boards during the assembly process, preventing board warpage. Also, single-layer stiffeners provide ground bussing while two-layer stiffeners offer both ground and voltage bussing, thereby eliminating the need for heavy board traces. The brochure provides part specifications and diagrams for both versions, as well as schematics and colored graphs. In addition, an illustrated guide to designing and installing board stiffeners and results of vibration and shock testing are included.

Circuit Components Inc. (CCI),
Tempe, AZ (480) 967-0624.

Circle No. 201

*          Product Data Sheet

This two-page data sheet describes the company's militarized, high reliability RF frequency distribution system for satellite ground stations and shipboard, mobile and laboratory applications. Full technical specifications for the models RF-798A and FE-799A primary and secondary distribution units are included.

Frequency Electronics Inc.,
Mitchel Field, NY
(516) 794-4500.

Circle No. 202

*          Component Catalog

This 160-page catalog features thousands of ICs and other electronic components, tools, test equipment and computer products ideal for OEM and MRO applications. It is used by customers to source leading-edge and hard-to-find components. Also, more than 150 new products have been added, including expanded lines of I/O cards, transformers, power supplies, integrated circuits, switches and power cords.

Jameco Electronics,
Belmont, CA
(650) 592-8097.

Circle No. 211

*          New Product Catalog

This 100-page catalog covers the company's complete line of magnetic components, including inductors, coils, chokes and transformers. Comprehensive information on each product is provided for product features, performance specifications and dimensional drawings. A selection guide, sorted by inductance value, is also included to help designers quickly find the product they need. Other information included is tape and reel specifications, a color coding key, available designer's kits and custom components, an application faxback form, a request for quote faxback form and a listing of the company's North American representatives.

J.W. Miller, Gardena, CA (310) 515-1720.

Circle No. 203

*          Selection Guide

This full-color guide features the company's line of products specifically targeted for electrical, physical and temperature measurement applications. A company overview, product photos, model numbers, descriptions, capabilities, charts and ordering information are all included.

Keithley Instruments Inc.,
Cleveland, OH (888) 534-8453.

Circle No. 204

*          Product Guide

This product guide features the model 8800-DOWNSTOP. This mechanical down limit is for use on motorized probe stations and provides a "fail safe" point at which the probe station platen stops, preventing damage to probe cards. It is easy to attach and set and works with any micromanipulator probe station with a motorized or programmable platen drive. Close-up photos as well as photos of the unit attached to the probe station are included.

Micromanipulator Co.,
Carson City, NV (775) 882-2400.

Circle No. 205

*          Revised Temperature Controller Bulletin

The revised Bulletin No. 9746A features the models 5CX-753 and 5CX-754 temperature controllers. These economical on/off controllers are rated for operation at 120 V AC and 5 and 10 A, respectively. The SPDT relay outputs are practical for controlling valves, solenoids and contractors for heating and cooling requirements. An onboard potentiometer is provided for the set temperature adjustment. Five ranges of thermistor temperature sensors are available to permit control temperatures from ­65° to +550°C. Product photos, descriptions, diagrams and prices are included.

Oven Industries Inc.,
Mechanicsburg, PA (717) 766-0721.

Circle No. 206

*          Reference Guide

This four-page reference guide (Power Page™ 43) is intended to aid design engineers in incorporating DC-to-DC converters into their designs. By following the approach outlined in this guide, a number of significant benefits can be achieved, including fixed-frequency switching, higher power processing efficiency and more reliable operation, simplifying design for fewer required components and efficiently utilizing extra standard features. Descriptions of the features, benefits and basic operation the company's PD series DC-to-DC converters are included.

Chatsworth, CA
(818) 734-6500.

Circle No. 207

*          Engineering Bulletin

This four-page engineering bulletin (SG-660B) features the company's complete line of Airtrim® multiturn air dielectric trimmer capacitors. The bulletin includes features, specifications, applications and outline drawings for the various models that are available in five capacitance ranges and 14 mounting styles. New in this edition are models in the 2.0 to 16.0 pF range.

Sprague-Goodman Electronics Inc., Westbury, NY
(516) 334-8700.

Circle No. 208

*          Analog Product Reference

This publication (Technology Innovations) brings together all of the company's new analog products in an easy-to-use reference that helps customers determine which devices are right for their needs. It provides a technical overview of new products and product families and gives information on applications for which the devices are well-suited.

Texas Instruments Inc.,
Dallas, TX 75243
(800) 336-5236.

Circle No. 212

*          Coaxial Cable Catalog

This revised and updated catalog (Complete Coaxial Cable Catalog & Handbook) is a comprehensive guide to the many high performance coax cables innovated by and available from the company. The handbook is a valuable design guide, which includes the latest technical information and data, application notes, reference data, attenuation tables and power tables.

Times Microwave Systems,
Wallingford, CT
(203) 949-8489.

Circle No. 209

*          Power MOSFET Data Book

This 1078-page data book (Siliconix Power MOSFETs) features technical details on the company's lines of LITTLE FOOT® surface-mount MOSFETs, TrenchFETs® and applications-specific LITTLE FOOT Plus multi-feature devices. It provides more than 220 data sheets with specifications for over 250 devices and is designed for easy reference with selector guides organized by breakdown voltage and sorted by maximum on-resistance specifications.

Vishay Intertechnology Inc.,
Malvern, PA
(610) 644-1300.

Circle No. 210

*          Short-form Brochure

This brochure details a new line of high density modular test solutions. This new test family is based on the company's modular instruments (VMIP™), switching solutions (SMIP™) and specialized products from other leading manufacturers. The brochure helps customers define a subsystem step by step, and includes a series of preconfigured subsystems for various test applications.

VXI Technology Inc.,
Irvine, CA
(949) 955-1894.

Circle No. 213