* 5­6 GHz Hybrid Coupler

The Xinger? 1M803 surface-mount 90? 3 dB hybrid coupler for use in the 5 to 6 GHz frequency range is designed for U-NII and HiperLAN applications. It provides a minimum isolation of 20 dB and a maximum insertion loss of 0.25 dB. In addition, the unit has a phase balance of ±3° and a minimum return loss of 20 dB. Average power is 60 W (max). The 1M803 is manufactured using material with x and y thermal expansion coefficients compatible with many common substrates and can be used in a variety of high power applications. Size: 0.40" x 0.20" x 0.07".

Anaren Microwave Inc.,
East Syracuse, NY (315) 432-8909.

Circle No. 216

*          Resistive Terminations

MWJ5284 These miniature resistive terminations exhibit 75 W impedance for critical applications, with envelope dimensions conforming to the size of MIL-PRF-39012 SMB series connectors. They have convenient snap-on mating and their small size make them ideal for use in applications that require dense packaging. The terminations feature Teflon insulators that protect the center contacts from damage if they are misaligned during mating. The use of a precise (±1 percent tolerance) 75 W rod resistor enables the terminations to dissipate one full watt of power at normal ambient temperature, derating to 100 mW at 125°C. The terminations are constructed with tempered brass bodies and beryllium copper closed-entry female center contacts.

Applied Engineering Products,
New Haven, CT
(203) 776-2813.

Circle No. 284

*          3 W Attenuator

MWJ5218 The model 3-A-MFB-XX convection-cooled attenuator has a 3 W continuous power rating and an ambient temperature range of ­40° to +40°C. With frequency range and SWR DC to 1 GHz at 1.10 (max) and 1 to 4 GHz at 1.25 (max) this unit is ideal for cellular, PCS, lab and field environments. Standard attenuation values are 1, 2, 3, 6, 10, 20 and 30 dB. BNC male and female connectors are available.

BCP (Bird Component Products),
Largo, FL (727) 547-8826.

Circle No. 218

* Ultraminiature Ceramic Chip Resonator

The SSR-DR series ultraminiature ceramic chip resonator is a portable high performance timing device in the smallest surface-mount package available. The chip incorporates built-in load capacitors, which simplify circuit designs and reduce assembly costs. The resonator is made with a special proprietary ceramic element material that, coupled with the high precision grinding and evaporation process technology, produces superior resonant characteristics as well as high resistance to shock and vibration. In addition, the device will withstand most board cleaning procedures. The resonator features an operating frequency range from 20 to 60 MHz (±0.5 percent), with several standard frequencies available. Resonant impedance is 60 W (max) for 20 to 30 MHz and 100 W (max) for 30.1 to 60 MHz, with a temperature stability of ±0.3 percent over the operating temperature range of ­20° to +80°C. Price: less than 30¢ (10,000).

AVX Corp.,
Myrtle Beach, SC
(843) 946-0414.

Circle No. 217

* Ceramic-to-metal RF Feedthrough

MWJ5259 This ceramic-to-metal RF feedthrough reduces power loss due to electromagnetic coupling. It is designed to operate without cooling jackets at the conductor-insulator interface, and the location of the mounting flange is far enough away from the center conductor to eliminate electromagnetic coupling. The feedthrough has a frequency range of 100 kHz to 13.56 MHz and a temperature range of ­55° to +350°C. The material handles currents up to 800 A and voltages up to 10 V.

New Lebanon, NY
(800) 752-7325.

Circle No. 259

*          Drop-in Isolator

MWJ5219 The model EL176 PCS band, low IMD, drop-in isolator is capable of handling 50 W (typ) and 500 W (max) forward and reverse. The low SWR, high power attenuator used on the isolated leg supplies a small-signal (­20 dB) reflection sample when installed as output mismatch protection for PCS multi carrier power amplifiers. Typical specifications are 25 dB isolation, 1.15 (max) SWR and 0.20 dB insertion loss.

Channel Microwave Corp.,
Camarillo, CA
(805) 482-7280.

Circle No. 219

*          2.4 GHz Cavity Diplexer

MWJ5220 The model CMT100 represents a series of diplexers with center frequencies from 2410 to 2472 MHz and 3 dB bandwidths up to 32 MHz. Typical insertion loss is < 2.0 dB, return loss is > 16 dB (18 dB (typ)) and channel-to-channel isolation is 90 dB. Size: 3.5" * 4.5" * 1.5".

Commercial Microwave
Technology (CMT),
Diamond Springs, CA (530) 642-1961.

Circle No. 220

*          Bidirectional Coupler

MWJ5270 The model 469108 bidirectional coupler operates between 470 and 890 MHz with 1000 W of power (average), 1.7 kW (peak). Coupling is 10 dB (nom). Coupling for any 6 MHz band is 10 ±0.25 dB, and SWR is 1.15. The main line flanges are 1-5/8" EIA, with N female probe connectors.

Connecticut Microwave Corp.,
Cheshire, CT (203) 250-9678.

Circle No. 270

*          Acrylic Film Chip Capacitors

MWJ5221 The type FCA film chip capacitors offer large capacitance values in small surface-mount case sizes. The stable capacitance with bias voltage and temperature provides distortion-free audio, which makes the capacitors an excellent choice for audio circuits. Constructed by stacking layers of metallized acrylic resin film, the capacitor surface is then sealed in a protective layer of acrylic resin. This configuration allows for higher capacitance in smaller case sizes. The type FCA has low ESR and an operating temperature range of ­40° to +85°C, is nonpolarized and has no piezoelectric effects. It is 16 V DC rated with a capacitance range from 0.1 to 1.0 µF, and is available in standard case sizes of 0805, 1206 and 1210. Price: 8¢ to 14¢ in volume. Delivery: stock to 14 weeks.

Cornell Dubilier,
Liberty, SC (864) 843-2626.

Circle No. 221

* Coaxial Remote Termination

The 12-5000 series coaxial remote terminations are designed for applications where a high power termination is required to be remotely located and connected to an RF system via a coaxial cable assembly. These devices feature integral cable inputs and decrease the number of interconnections in the user's system at reduced cost over a discrete cable and termination approach. They are available with coaxial cable lengths from 1" to 100", have 150 W CW power handling and operate at a temperature range of ­55° to +100°C (full power). The 12-5000 series has an SWR of 1.10, a nominal impedance of 50 W and a frequency range of DC to 2 GHz.

Florida RF Labs Inc.,
Stuart, FL (800) 544-5594
or (561) 286-9300.

Circle No. 226

*          Directionally Sensitive Switch

The MagnaMouse™ directionally sensitive switch replaces the bulky, complex and more costly switches used in computer cursor controls, game controls, automotive mirror and seat operations, or any other device requiring multidirectional switches. The simple design can also meet space requirements for smaller electronic devices such as cell phones, PDAs and laptops. The MagnaMouse works via a disc-shaped actuator held by magnetic attraction and is actuated by pushing on the rim or a manufacturer-specified custom key cap, which then closes the contact. Electrodes are arranged to produce different outputs when contacted in different locations.

Duraswitch Industries Inc.,
Mesa, AZ (480) 586-3300.

Circle No. 223

* Lightweight, Medium Power T Switch

MWJ5222 The model 511H-730822 lightweight, medium power coaxial T switch is designed specifically for the satellite marketplace. This switch is used as a main building block to create a variety of redundancy matrices for commercial and military satellites. While power handling is 35 W CW in a frequency range of 2.4 to 4.2 GHz, the switch is designed with a 6 dB margin for multipaction. The switch has an operating voltage of 28 V DC and a random selection drive, and comes in a vented enclosure. Weight: 65 grams.

Dow-Key Microwave Corp.,
Ventura, CA (805) 650-0260.

Circle No. 222

*          Toroidal Cores

MWJ5225 This new series of toroidal cores for LAN and noise-protection applications is available with diameters from 2.5 to 4 mm, which are particularly suited to US dimensions. New T38 and T55 materials have also been added to these cores. A broad range of toroidal cores is available as current-compensated chokes to suppress RF noise in EMC applications. Highly permeable MnZn materials are used for the following core types: R 2.5 to R 12.5 for telecommunications such as ISDN, R 13.3 to R 26 for power line chokes, and > R 34 for chokes and filters in industrial applications.

EPCOS Inc. (formerly Siemens),
Iselin, NJ (800) 888-7728.

Circle No. 225

*          Custom EMI Filters

MWJ5224 These custom EMI filters are designed for multiple applications and provide solutions for unique filter requirements. The filters have applications in the military, industrial, electronic and aerospace markets, and provide complete design and engineering and test capabilities. They are available in all types and styles, with current carrying capacities of 0.1 to 500 A, and voltage ratings of 1 to 5000 V DC and up to 660 V AC. Frequencies range to 1000 Hz and are available in intermittent and continuous duty. Single- and multicircuit configurations include L, Pi, Pi with feed through capacitors and T circuits.

Electrocube Inc.,
Monrovia, CA (626) 301-0122.

Circle No. 224

* High PerformanceVariable Capacitors

MWJ5228 The 1500 series Eco-Trim® variable capacitors are low cost, high performance air capacitors for applications where high Q and cost are a design criterion. This series is perfect for use in impedance matching, filter tuning, interstage coupling and antenna tuning. The 1500 series has a capacitance range of 1 to 10 pF with a rated voltage of 250 V DC, and an operating temperature range of ­65° to +125°C. The capacitors are available in five mounting styles for PC and surface-mount applications. Price: $1.95 (2500). Delivery: four to six weeks.

Johanson Manufacturing,
Boonton, NJ (973) 334-2676.

Circle No. 228

* SMD Wirebound Chip Inductors

MWJ5227 These SMD wirebound chip inductors operate from 100 MHz to 2 GHz for pagers portable telephones and other RF hybrids. The units feature a high Q and SRFs above 3 GHz. Inductance ranges from 1.6 to 270 nH for the 0602 series, 3.3 nH for the 0805 series and 10.0 nH to 4700 µH for the 1008C series. The parts come standard with clear, flat cap, color-coded identifiers and TC-bonded magnet wire on gold pads. They are encased in tape-and-reel packaging. Delivery: stock to 10 weeks.

Frontier Electronics,
Simi Valley, CA
(805) 522-9998.

Circle No. 227

*          GaAs SPDT Switch

The model SW-439 MMIC SPDT reflective switch covers the DC to 3 GHz frequency range and is ideally suited for applications requiring low insertion loss and high isolation. It is particularly well suited for use in base station synthesizers and local oscillators that require high isolation, but can also be used for general-purpose switching in applications up to 0.25 W. The SW-439 is available in the MSOP-10 package and offers positive control voltage and good device-to-device consistency. Price: $1.90 (10,000). Delivery: stock.

M/A-COM Inc.,
Lowell, MA (800) 366-2266.

Circle No. 272

*          Cellular and DCS/PCS Crossband Coupler

MWJ5271 The model WSD-00150 high performance cellular and DCS/PCS crossband coupler offers high isolation, low insertion loss and high power handling. It is ideal for co-located AMPS/PCS or GSM/DCS systems, tunnel or remote location AMPS/PCS or GSM/DCS coupling, and dual-band handset testing. The unit's passbands are 800 to 980 MHz (cellular) and 1700 to 2000 MHz (DCS/PCS). Insertion loss within the passbands is specified at 0.3 dB (max), 0.15 dB (typ), and passband return loss is specified at 15 dB (min). Maximum power handling is rated at 500 W CW and 10,000 W peak instantaneous (PIP) in the cellular band and 250 W CW and 5000 W PIP in the DCS/PCS bands. Operating temperature range is ­10° to +60°C. Size: 19" * 3" * 1".

K&L Microwave Inc.,
Salisbury, MD (410) 749-2424.

Circle No. 271

* ­15 dB Indoor Power Tap

MWJ5229 The model IPT-15 indoor power tap serves the needs of users who distribute in the 800 to 2000 MHz frequency band. It allows an impedance-stabilized power tap of ­15 dB. The device features a very low insertion loss and excellent impedance match, and is designed for use in a number of professional applications including indoor antenna and radiating cable systems. It is available with standard N female connectors. Delivery: stock.

Kathrein Inc., Scala Division,
Medford, OR (541) 779-6500.

Circle No. 229

* C-band Transmit Reject Waveguide Filter

MWJ5273 The model 12086-2 C-band transmit reject waveguide filter offers extremely low loss (0.04 (max)) in the 3.625 to 4.200 GHz receive band and a return loss of greater than 25 dB with 1.12 SWR in the passband. A rejection of greater than 70 dB is achieved in the transmit band from 5.850 to 6.425 GHz. The unit is ideal where a low loss, high isolation transmit-receive application is required. The construction is 100 percent dip-brazed aluminum with a military-grade chemical conversion finish applied to resist corrosion and offer long-lasting high performance operation. Standard flanges are WR-229G, but other flange and mechanical configurations are available upon request.

Microwave Filter Co. (MFC),
East Syracuse, NY (800) 448-1666
or (315) 438-4747.

Circle No. 273

* 1­3500 MHz Mixers

The X-06-A surface-mount series mixers covers 1 to 3500 MHz (RF/LO) with an IF of 1 to 2000 MHz. Conversion loss is 7.5 dB mid-band with isolation of 30 dB (LO/RF) and 25 dB (LO/IF). The mixers are available with +10, +13 and +17 dBm LO input power levels.

Pulsar Microwave Corp.,
Clifton, NJ (800) 752-2982.

Circle No. 275

*          20 dB SMA-M/F Attenuator

MWJ5274 The model BW-S20W2 off-the-shelf precision fixed attenuator provides 20 dB nominal attenuation in the DC to 18 GHz frequency range. Displaying ±0.60 dB accuracy (add 0.5 dB (typ) above 12.4 GHz), the attenuator handles 2 W (avg) with 125 W (peak) power with high temperature stability, outstanding phase linearity and excellent SWR. The unit is ideal for matching and test setup. Price: $36.95 (1­49).

Brooklyn, NY (718) 934-4500.

Circle No. 274

*          RF Mechanical Switch

MWJ5230x13 The model MS SMA 020 low cost, SPST RF mechanical switch offers high performance and long term reliability. It operates from DC to
3 GHz and is available from stock. Price: $79.

Narda, an L-3 Communications company, Hauppauge, NY (631) 231-1700.

Circle No. 230

*          Metal Can Quartz Crystal Units

The AS-XXD family of surface-mount metal can quartz crystal units helps ease the shortMWJ5231 ages and long lead times common to similar units normally delivered in plastic and ceramic packages. The family consists of five different pinout configurations in the HC-49 low profile metal package. They are all dimensionally and electrically identical, but are fitted with a selection of different SMT pad inserts on the bottom. The units are fabricated with common AT or BT strip crystals in 4.9 mm high metal cans, but separate internal connections and pinout configurations are used. Standard frequency tolerance at 25°C is ±50 ppm (max), and standard operating range is from ­25° to +70°C. The storage temperature range is ­55° to +125°C. Aging is specified at ±5 ppm per year (max). Price: 65¢ or less (10,000). Delivery: four to six weeks (ARO).

Raltron Electronics Corp.,
Miami, FL (305) 593-6033.

Circle No. 231

* MCM Channel Analog Multiplexers

MWJ5232 The 64 and 128 multichip module (MCM) channel analog multiplexers feature commercial silicon made suitable for space application through the company's Rad Pak™ radiation-tolerance-enhancing packaging technology. They are a cost-effective alternative to specialty components designed specifically for the space market. The multiplexers can provide 100 krad (si) total dose tolerance in the radiation-enhanced version and 300 krad to 1 Mrad total dose tolerance in the radhard version. Both are available with packaging and screening up to MCM class K. In addition, both multiplexers offer low constant "ON" resistance and do not suffer from latchup or static discharge blowout. Their digital inputs are designed to operate from both TTL and CMOS levels, without the need for pull-up resistors. Price: $5695 (64 channel); $8500 (128 channel) (25).

Space Electronics Inc. (Sei),
San Diego, CA (858) 452-4167.

Circle No. 232

*          7-16 DIN Connector

MWJ5276 The mechanical connection of the model RFD-1631-2L2 7-16 DIN connector is more stable than type-N connectors and offers longer service life, lower contact resistance and improved performance where intermodulation is a concern. It features a machined brass body and Teflon insulation. All of the metal components are silver plated for intermodulation considerations. The RFD-1631-2L2 is designed for optimum performance with Times Microwave LMR-600® and LMR-600 Ultraflex® cables as well as CommScope® BWC-600 and BWC-600R cables.

RF Connectors,
San Diego, CA (800) 233-1728
or (858) 549-6340.

Circle No. 276

* Non-solder Female Jack Connectors

The EZ-400-NF and EZ-600-NF non-solder "EZ" type-N female jack connectors are deMWJ5235 signed for the company's LMR-400 and LMR-600 flexible low loss coaxial cables. The connectors operate at frequencies up to 6 GHz and have crimp-style outer contact attachment rings. "EZ"-style easy-to-install, high reliability solderless connectors are also available for most other cable sizes covering type N, 7-16 DIN, TNC and reverse-polarity TNC interfaces.

Times Microwave Systems,
Wallingford, CT (203) 949-8424.

Circle No. 235

*          Modular Microwave Switch

MWJ5236 The model SM7001A modular microwave switch can house up to four microwave building blocks that range from terminated 1 * 4 and 1 * 6 18 GHz relays to 1 * 4 and 1 * 6 26.5 and 40 GHz relays. Each microwave building block can be mixed and matched to form the final configuration, and/or combined with other microwave, optical or general-purpose switch modules within the same system. The final switch solution can be controlled via GPIB, PCI, RS232, FireWire or other interface mechanisms. Price: starts at $1700.

VXI Technology Inc. (VTI),
Irvine, CA (949) 955-1894.

Circle No. 236

*          Ultra Low Noise Discrete Frequency Multipliers

The MXA900 series ultra low noise discrete frequency multipliers provides frequency multiplication with little or no degradation above 20 log N of phase noise. The units feature spurious performance as low as ­130 dBc and AM noise and AM-to-PM conversion are extremely low. The units will accept input frequencies from 1 to 6 GHz with output frequencies to 18 GHz and up to +23 dBm of output power. Multiplication schemes are available which include integer sets of 2, 3, 5 and 7 or their multiples. Applications include radar exciters, noise measurement and receivers.

Techtrol Cyclonetics Inc.,
New Cumberland, PA (717) 774-2746.

Circle No. 233

*          Coarse Bandpass Filter

MWJ5234 This coarse bandpass filter allows bandpass over the region of 13 to 16 nanometers and can be produced and diced to individual user specifications. It provides minimum insertion loss to the desired frequency and maximum attenuation to undesired signals, thereby permitting systems to operate without interference.

Thin Film Technology,
Buellton, CA (805) 688-4949.

Circle No. 234


*          Wideband Amplifiers

MWJ5237 The model AMP-30 wideband amplifier for the wireless market provides 2 W (min) from 1 to 2 GHz with 30 dB of gain. Gain flatness is ±1.1 dB over the passband. The 1 dB compression point occurs at 2 W output. The amplifier can be pulse modulated from a TTL source. Current drain is 1.2 A at 15 V input and input SWR is less than 2.

AeroAntenna Technology Inc.,
Chatsworth, CA (818) 993-3842.

Circle No. 237

*          Surface-mount Amplifier

MWJ5239 The model AA028P2-A2 25 to 31 GHz amplifier is a broadband millimeter-wave driver amplifier in a rugged surface-mount package that is compatible with high volume solder installation. It offers 13 dB gain and is designed for use in communication and sensor systems as a gain stage in the receiver, transmitter or LO chain when high gain and linearity are required. The amplifier is ideally suited for high volume millimeter-wave applications such as point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless communications systems. The robust ceramic package provides excellent electrical performance and a high degree of environmental protection for long-term reliability. Price: $12.60 (10,000).

Alpha Industries,
Woburn, MA (781) 935-5150.

Circle No. 239

* S-band, Solid-state RF Amplifier

The model SSPA2.2-2.6-80 high power, solid-state RF amplifier is designed for use in commercial or military systems. It offers greater than 30 dB of gain from 2.2 to 2.6 GHz and has a 1 dB compression point of 49 dBm (min). The unit operates from 12 V DC and input/output SWR is typically less than 1.5 with a noise figure of less than 6 dB. Power-added efficiency is greater than 30 percent. Input and output connectors are SMA female standard. Size: 4" * 8" * 1".

Aethercomm Inc.,
San Marcos, CA (760) 598-4340.

Circle No. 238

*          High Voltage Power Amplifier

The model PA97 high voltage power amplifier is a cost-effective solution in high voltage instrumentation applications where per-unit costs are a barrier. It operates on a voltage supply of up to 900 V and features a very low 600 µA of standby current. In addition to a ±50 to ±450 V supply, the PA97 drives 10 mA of continuous output current and up to 15 mA pulse, into capacitive loads. External compensation allows flexibility in choosing bandwidth and slew rate based on the application. The unit's power SIP design reduces board space requirements and features a staggard pin configuration to accommodate the high voltage capability. Price: $56.10 (one piece). An evaluation kit (EK19) is available for easy prototyping.

Apex Microtechnology Corp.,
Tucson, AZ (520) 690-8600.

Circle No. 242

*          High Power Amplifier

MWJ5240 The model 10000A250 high power amplifier uses solid-state circuitry to offer high power, increased longevity and reliability. The instrument is completely air cooled and comes with a three-year warranty. It delivers rated power to the load and is unusually SWR tolerant. A digital control panel provides both local and remote control of the amplifier. A four-inch diagonal display, menu-assigned softkeys, single rotary knob and four dedicated switches offer extensive control and status reporting capability. The display provides operational presentation of forward power and reflected power as well as control and internal amplifier status. Special features include a gain control, internal/external automatic level control (ALC) with front-panel control of the ALC threshold, pulse input capability and RF output level protection. All amplifier control functions and status indications are available remotely in GPIB/IEEE-488 format.

Amplifier Research (AR),
Souderton, PA (215) 723-8181.

Circle No. 240

* High Performance, Multicarrier Power Amplifiers

MWJ5243 This selection of high output, 90 and 60 W multicarrier linear power amplifiers operate in the 800 MHz band and conform to AMPS, TDMA and CDMA transmission requirements for cellular base stations. The model LPA890 functions in the 824 to 849 MHz or 869 to 894 MHz bands, while the model LPA860 operates in the 869 to 894 MHz band. Both modules can achieve higher output through the use of intelligent rack combiners -- up to 213.8 W for 60 W units and up to 330 W for 90 W units. The amplifiers utilize a unique feedforward linearization design to achieve consistent output and incorporate a liquid crystal display (LCD) readout display to indicate normal or faulty conditions. Size: 14.7" * 5.5" * 17.3".

HC Electronics,
Allendale, NJ (201) 818-9300.

Circle No. 243

*          Transimpedance Amplifier

The model ATA7600D1 10 Gbps differential output transimpedance amplifier (TIA) is designed for use in high capacity fiber-optic receivers. It is manufactured using InGaP heterojunction bipolar technology and meets the rigorous performance and bandwidth demands of DWDM OC-192 systems driven by the increased demand for high speed Internet connectivity. Operating at only +5 V DC, the TIA provides low power consumption, low group delay, high gain and low noise performance to enable high speed, broadband fiber-optic systems.

Warren, NJ (908) 668-5000.

Circle No. 241

* InGaP/GaAs HBT MMIC Amplifiers

The NGA-x86 series broadband InGaP/GaAs HBT MMIC amplifiers offer excellent output IP3 and flat gain response for applications from DC to 8 GHz. Small-signal gain ranges from 12 to 19 dB with output IP3 ranging from +27.0 to +39.5 dBm. Designed using InGaP/GaAs process technology with very low thermal resistance for improved reliability, these unconditionally stable RFICs utilize a Darlington configuration for broadband performance and are ideal for use in applications covering cellular, WLL, W-CDMA and PCS applications. The series is available in 85-mil gull-wing surface-mount packages.

Stanford Microdevices,
Sunnyvale, CA (800) 764-6642.

Circle No. 246

*          Ka-band Amplifier

MWJ5244 The model JCA3031-K01 Ka-band low noise amplifier for GSO/FSS, NGSO/FSS and mobile applications covers the 30 to 31 GHz frequency range. Minimum gain is 42 dB with gain flatness of ±1.5 dB. Power output is +10 (min) at 1 dB compression point with a typical noise figure of 5.0 dB. Customized versions are available with options for alternative gain specification, temperature compensation and drop-in packages.

JCA Technology Inc.,
Camarillo, CA (805) 445-9888.

Circle No. 244

*          High Power Amplifier

MWJ5245 The model 4020 narrowband, high gain, high power, class A amplifier is designed for applications in the MMDS frequency range. The linearity coupled with the high power output allows the amplifier to used in both EMC and communications applications. The operational bandwidth is 2.5 to 2.7 GHz, and the AC input is auto-switching so that the unit can be used transparently in either a 120 or 220 V AC environment. The RF input power required to achieve the saturated power of 115 W is 0 dBm. Available options include a microprocessor-based controller complete with LCD and various communication port options. The 4020 supports the IEEE-488, RS-232 and RS-422 communication standards.

Los Angeles, CA (310) 306-5556.

Circle No. 245

*          DBS-band HPA

This cost-efficient, antenna-mount high power amplifier (HPA) enables European SATCOM users to take advantage of economical 17.3 to 18.4 GHz transponder rates. Ideal for European data uplink applications, the unit is available in outdoor 25 or 45 W models.

Xicom Technology,
Sunnyvale, CA (408) 481-3002.

Circle No. 247

* 10­120 MHz Wireless Surface-mountIF Amplifier

The model PA1213 low cost, self-contained modular IF amplifier is ideally suited for wireless downconverter applications where large-signal amplification from the mixer IF port is required. This complete amplifier, packaged in a miniature surface-mount module, requires no external matching circuitry and reduces the designer's time to market while offering outstanding performance. The unit offers input and output matching of 1.5 (typ) together with high output-to-input isolation of 28 dB, which makes the IF port insensitive to load mismatch and provides an excellent match for non-50 W loads that follow. It has a low noise figure (2.7 dB) and high third-order intercept (+40 dBm), which provide excellent dynamic range for class 2 and 3 level mixers. The PA1213 operates over the 10 to 120 MHz frequency range with 12.5 dB gain at a nominal supply of +15 V.

Stellex Phoenix Microwave,
Telford, PA (215) 723-6011.

Circle No. 277


*          23 GHz Flat Plate Antenna

MWJ5248 This 0.3-meter, 23 GHz ValuLine® flat plate antenna provides a communications solution for wireless operators requiring low visibility antennas for short-haul point-to-point communications in areas such as congested inner city sites. The antenna meets the performance needs of cellular PCS/PCN, broadcast and private user microwave markets. It offers superior pattern performance, reduces tower wind loading and is suitable for integration with original equipment manufacturer (OEM) radio systems. Size: 13.2" * 13.2". Weight: < 7.9 lb (3.6 Kg).

Andrew Corp.,
Orland Park, IL
(800) 255-1479, ext. 493.

Circle No. 248

* Quad-band Omni Antenna

The model DB788QM5N-XS indoor/outdoor antenna is capable of offering broadband wireless operation in multiple bandwidths simultaneously, including AMPS/TDMA800, GSM900, GSM1800, PCS, WLL and UMTS in the 800 MHz to 2.5 GHz range. Its ability to operate on multiple bandwidths as a single unit and a single connector provides wireless service providers with increased signal flexibility while reducing installation and equipment costs and minimizing space requirements. The antenna is vertically polarized with omni patterns and is effective in congested pedestrian areas where high volume wireless communications are needed. Applications include convention centers, amphitheaters, concert halls and parking garages. The device's rugged aluminum and UV stabilized ABS plastic construction can withstand wind speeds up to 125 M mph.

Decibel Products,
Dallas, TX
(214) 819-4281.

Circle No. 249

* Spread Spectrum Antennas

The models HSSP-23 and HSSP-52 antennas operate in the 2.3 to 2.5 GHz and 5.2 to 5.85 GHz frequency bands, respectively. They are available in diameters of two to eight feet, feature plane polarized feed assemblies with type-N connectors and deliver high gain and extremely aggressive front-to-back ratios. The two-foot model is supplied with the company's patented Quick Align Mount for quick and easy installation while using two hand tools. Designed to be effective mechanically and electrically, the antennas operate in frequency-congested areas and where unshielded antennas do not meet the system operator's requirements.

Gabriel Electronics Inc.,
Scarborough, ME
(207) 883-5161.

Circle No. 250

* High Gain Directional Panel Antenna

The model PCW24-01518-BFL high gain 18 dBi panel antenna for the 2.4 GHz industrial, scientific and medical (ISM) band covers frequencies from 2.4 to 2.5 GHz. The unit provides 15° of horizontal beamwidth and 15° of vertical beamwidth. Size: 15.75" * 15.75" * 4.00". Delivery: stock.

HD Communications Corp.,
Ronkonkoma, NY (631) 588-9661.

Circle No. 251


*          10 W WLL Power Transistor

The model CRF37010 packaged silicon carbide (SiC) microwave transistor for wireless local loop distribution services provides a highly efficient and linear power source for wireless local loop (WLL) transmitters. It is an SiC RF power MESFET prematched for the 3.4 to 3.7 GHz band, with a typical gain of 10 dB. The product can be used as a driver amplifier in base stations at a linear output power of 3 W or as the output stage for subscriber units. The CRF37010 exhibits a power-added efficiency of 20 percent at its linear output power point and has 50 percent efficiency when driven to its full output power of 10 W (min). The transistor operates from a 48 V DC supply and can be used in class A, A/B or B. It is available in a ceramic/metal flange-mount package.

Cree Inc., Durham, NC
(919) 313-5639.

Circle No. 252

*          LDMOS RF Power Transistor

MWJ5253 The model PTF102006 internally matched FET is the first of a family of 2.5 GHz LDMOS products. The transistor's GOLDMOS™ technology, die architecture and advanced die processes enable superior performance at high frequencies. It is a 25 W, 11 dB gain device with a drain source breakdown voltage of 65 V and a load mismatch tolerance of 10:1. Like all of the company's GOLDMOS devices, the PTF102006 uses all-gold metallization, ion implantation and surface passivation to ensure excellent device lifetime and reliability. Size: 0.39" x 1.03".

Ericsson Inc.,
Staffordshire, UK
+1-408-776 06 00.

Circle No. 253

*          Low Noise, High Linearity Packaged pHEMT

The model LP750SOT89 low noise, high linearity psuedomorphic high electron mobility transistor (pHEMT) device is packaged in an economical, industry-standard SOT-89 plastic package. Intended for applications from 300 MHz to 6 GHz, it offers an exceptionally low noise figure (< 8 dB at 1800 MHz) and high dynamic range (+40 dBm output IP3 at 1800 MHz) for cellular/PCS hub front ends or any application that requires maximum dynamic range.

Filtronic Solid State,
Santa Clara, CA (408) 988-1845.

Circle No. 254

* DC - 800 MHz Coaxial Relay Modules

MWJ5255 The 7000 series coaxial relay modules maintain reliable switching over a wide range of severe environmental conditions. The units are available with two through 24 position and with low EMI and insertion loss. Applications include RF and IF switching; baseband video and pulse switching; low level and low noise switching; DS-1, DS-3, E-1, T-1, 1553B and ECL signal switching; and balanced audio switching. Size: 3.250" * 0.625" * 1.440".

Matrix Systems,
Calabasas, CA (818) 222-2301.

Circle No. 255

* General-purpose Diodes and Transistors

The number of general purpose diodes and transistors available in the SC-75 package has doubled. The products offered in this package consist of general-purpose single and dual diodes and transistors intended for low current switching and signal conditioning applications. These arrive in time to address the recent worldwide increase in demand and production of digital cellular and PCS handsets. The products offer power dissipation up to 360 mW for 1.0" x 1.0" pad size.

ON Semiconductor,
Phoenix, AZ (800) 282-9855.

Circle No. 256


*          3G Radio Chip

This third-generation (3G) radio chip was established jointly with Mitsubishi Electric Corp. and is intended for cellular terminal applications. The chip meets the performance requirements for the wideband CDMA (W-CDMA) system, which provides data rates up to 2 Mbps to a wireless terminal, enabling high data rate services such as Web browsing to be done on a wireless phone. The device implements a direct-conversion receiver architecture, which is preferred over superheterodyne radios because it eliminates IF filters and other components. This configuration greatly reduces the size, power consumption and cost of the radio section of a wireless terminal.

Analog Devices Inc.,
Norwood, MA (781) 329-4700.

Circle No. 258

*          Monolithic Integrated Downconverter

The model RF2458 monolithic integrated downconverter for PCS, PHS and WLAN applications contains all components required to implement the RF functions of the downcoverter. Features include a double-balanced Gilbert cell mixer and a balanced IF output, as well as +14 dBm gain, which makes the device ideal for front-end applications. Operating in a frequency range of 1500 to 2500 MHz with a power supply range of 2.7 to 3.6 V, the RF2458 is designed for applications such as CDMA/TDMA/DCS 1900 PCS systems, PHS 1500/WLAN 2400 systems and microcell PCS base stations. The device is manufactured using an advanced gallium arsenide process technology and is offered in an MSOP-10 package. Price: $1.15 (10,000).

RF Micro Devices Inc.,
Greensboro, NC (336) 664-1233.

Circle No. 279


* Free-flowing Syntactic Foam Powder

ECCOSTOCK® FFP one-part, free-flowing syntactic foam powder is intended for low loss, low dielectric constant and low thermal conductivity microwave applications. This epoxy-based material cures at elevated temperatures to a rigid non-burning syntactic foam. It infiltrates densely populated electronic packages, filling open spaces around delicate components. The foam provides physical support, thermal insulation and vibration support without increasing weight or dielectric constant. ECCOSTOCK FFP can be cured at temperatures as low as 100°C and there is minimal shrinkage during the cure, which exerts minimal stress on delicate components.

Emerson & Cuming
Microwave Products Inc.,
Randolph, MA (800) 650-5740
or (781) 961-9600.

Circle No. 260

*          Low Temperature Cofired Ceramic Interconnect

MWJ5261 This low temperature cofired ceramic (LTCC) interconnect provides full customization from ceramic mix formulation through track, via and component layout to assembly of complete modules for use in the wireless, telecommunications and automotive industries. LTCC is a technique whereby up to 50 layers of ceramic tape are sandwiched together and fired to form a single, multilayer rigid substrate. Each layer can have holes punched for vias and be printed to form tracks and simple passive components prior to firing. The company can both formulate and process the ceramic substrate, making it possible to customize the substrate's physical and electrical properties and embed ferrite inductors.

C-MAC MicroTechnology,
Durham, NC (919) 941-0430.

Circle No. 261


*          Circuit Board Plotter

The ProMat® C100/HF circuit board plotter introduces significant new precision and control technology to the production of high performance RF/microwave circuits. The plotter extends the speed, safety and convenience of mechanical PCB prototyping to surface-sensitive materials and substrates used in demanding high frequency applications. The C100/HF replaces older magnetic methods with a unique pneumatic system to control the cutting process. The adjustable pneumatic stroke movement and depth delimiter define penetration very accurately. Surfaces are processed more precisely and gently, making it possible to create circuits in highly sensitive surface materials. The system also greatly extends the service life of cutting tools.

LPKF Laser and Electronics,
Wilsonville, OR (503) 454-4203.

Circle No. 257


*          Broadband Communications and High Speed Electronic Design Technology

Full-Wave™ Spice broadband communications and high speed electronic product design technology enables users to design electronic and communication components while taking Gigahertz-frequency effects into account. Full-Wave Spice will be commercially available in the fourth quarter of this year.

Ansoft Corp.,
Pittsburgh, PA (412) 261-3200.

Circle No. 262

*          Filter Design Software

Version 2.0 of KBF (The Kalman-Bucy Visual Interface Pack for O-Matrix) provides an enhanced visual interface to enable the point-and-click design and analysis of Kalman filters. The KBF interface simplifies the design of a filter or smoother by dividing the design process into simple steps with each step corresponding to an input window or dialog. Extensive plotting of results, including residuals and correlations is also automated. In addition, a simulation feature is included to aid in testing the validity of the design.

Harmonic Software Inc.,
Seattle, WA (206) 367-8742.

Circle No. 263


*          VCO Modules

MWJ5264 These four dual- and tri-band VCO modules are designed for use in cellular phones operating in GSM, CDMA and TDMA protocols. The units offer multiple-frequency functionality integrated into single, compact, surface-mount packages for global applications. Previously, two or three individual RF components were needed per handset to account for the varying operating frequencies throughout the world. The new VCOs allow cellular handset manufacturers to create lighter, more compact handsets while benefiting from reduced component count and faster design cycle times. Both dual- and tri-band VCOs are offered for GSM; dual-band VCOs are offered for CDMA and TDMA.

CTS Wireless Components Inc., Schaumburg, IL (847) 538-6367.

Circle No. 264

* Low Power, High Frequency VCXO

The model QEV 51-HF high frequency, voltage-controlled crystal oscillator (VCXO) operates with a supply voltage of only 3.3 V DC (5 V upon request) and is available in the 300 to 900 MHz frequency range. It has a low phase noise characteristic and requires only 25 mA (typ) to operate at 25°C. The operating temperature range is ­40° to +85°C, and the frequency stability with temperature is ±20 ppm. Aging rate in the first year is ±5 ppm and ±2 ppm per year thereafter. The QEV 51-HF is designed for use in fiber-optic transmission applications and is packaged in a low profile, hermetically sealed unit. Size: 0.79" * 0.79" x 0.39".

TEMEX Components,
Phoenix, AZ (623) 780-1995.

Circle No. 280

*          Commercial VCO

The model 190-1760T VCO generates frequencies from 1550 to 1970 MHz with control voltages from 1 to 10 V DC. The unit requires 25 mA (typ) of current from a 10 V DC supply voltage. Phase noise at 1000 kHz (typ) offset is ­140 dBc/Hz and output power is 7 dBm (typ). Second harmonic suppression is ­18 dBc (typ) and third harmonic suppression is ­20 dBc (typ). The unit is housed in a surface-mount, pick-and-place/reflow-compatible package. Size: 0.5" x 0.5" x 0.180".

Vari-L, Denver, CO (303) 371-1560.

Circle No. 285

*          Surface-mount TCXO

MWJ5265 The model TO-700 low profile, high stability, temperature-compensated crystal oscillator (TCXO) incorporates an ASIC-based temperature compensation method and a sealed crystal design, providing superior temperature stabilities and exceptionally low aging rates in a small, surface-mount package. The oscillator can achieve an aging rate of less than 1 ppm per year with stability ±1 ppm at ­40° to +85°C. Available outputs are sinewave and HCMOS (requiring a supply voltage of +V DC), and LVHCMOS (requiring a supply voltage of +3.3 V DC). The TO-700 is ideal for a wide variety of communications applications including ISDN, ATM, SONET/SDH, GSM, CDMA, mobile radio and network systems.

Vectron International,
Norwalk, CT
(888) 328-7661.

Circle No. 265


*          Dual-channel LMDS Synthesizer

MWJ5281X13 The model MS-2000 high performance, dual-channel synthesizer is a Ku-band device that uses an internal oscillator and dual upconverter blocks to provide a flexible and low cost exciter for wireless applications. The low phase noise internal oscillator is upconverted using dual phase-locked upconverter blocks. This architecture creates an inexpensive alternative to YIG-based systems while providing comparable performance. The MS-2000 requires a stable reference and ±12 V DC. It offers a phase noise of ­82 dBc/Hz at 10,000 Hz offset and a spurious output of ­50 dBc, and is packaged in an aluminum housing. Weight: 3.3 kg. Size: 9.5" x 6.0" x 1.4".

ITT Industries,
Microwave Systems,
Lowell, MA (978) 441-0200.

Circle No. 281


*          Seam Sealing System

The WS9000 series seam sealing system is designed and developed for highly repeatable precision resistance microwelding of cylindrical materials such as cans, wire screen and sleeves requiring seam sealing wheels and rotating mandrels. A seam-sealing wheel rotates with the mandrel, enabling the WS9000 to create continuous radial welds for a variety of applications, ranging from as small as 0.1" in diameter up through 2.0" (2.54 to 50.8 mm). For axial welds, such as longitudinally sealing the side of a cylinder, the system can accommodate continuous welds of up to 6" (152.4 mm) in length.

Poway, CA (858) 877-2100.

Circle No. 286

*          Digital Microwave Radio

The 3000 series SONET/SDH digital microwave radio offers the XPIC (Cross Polarization Interference Cancellor) feature, a unique technology that allows transmission on both the horizontal and vertical polarity of any given frequency pair. This feature makes it possible to transmit up to 16 155 MB OC-3s in the 6 GHz band and makes the radio one of the highest capacity long haul microwave products on the market. Network operators now have a complete solution that accommodates today's single OC-3 needs with the flexibility to transport up to 48 DS3s or 1344 DS1s. This is the equivalent of an OC-48 capacity, giving network systems the ability to respond more quickly and efficiently to the growth demands of the telecommunications industry.

NEC America Inc.,
Irving, TX (972) 751-7211.

Circle No. 282


*          High Performance Mobile Communications DC Sources

Each of these high performance mobile communications DC sources behaves like an actual battery, which allows testing of digital wireless devices with absolute accuracy. The sources provide output resistance programming, superior output stability, extremely low transient voltage drop and third current measurement range for precision battery current measurements in the 1 A range. These new capabilities offer precise voltage regulation and precision measurements where the wireless device connects to the battery. Output resistance programming enables mobile phone manufacturers to accurately simulate the internal resistance of the battery or battery pack, providing fast and accurate resistance simulation for multiple battery types and simplifying the test setup.

Agilent Technologies Inc.,
Palo Alto, CA
(800) 452-4844, ext. 7100.

Circle No. 266

*          Vector Network Analyzers

MWJ5267x13 The 37xxx "C" series Lightning vector network analyzers encompass six frequency ranges, in-cluding a new economical 50 GHz model and a flagship 65 GHz model that have been developed to test devices intended for emerging applications such as LMDS, high speed wireless networks, intelligent transportation systems and Ka-band satellite communications systems. The broadband measurement capability and integrated vector analyzer, swept signal source and S-parameter test set make the series useful for both research and development and production applications. Price: $45,900. Delivery: 10 to 12 weeks (ARO).

Anritsu Co.,
Microwave Measurement Division,
Morgan Hill, CA
(800) 267-4878.

Circle No. 267

* Modular Digital Radio Test Platform

MWJ5268 The model 2975 digital radio test platform offers an easy-to-use and efficient means of testing radios, including terminal repeaters and base stations for Project 25. The device integrates 20 radio-testing instruments into a single user-friendly instrument that offers the interconnectivity normally expected from a personal computer. The 2975 digital radio tests radio equipment to ensure compliance under the Project 25 standard, including parametric testing for compatible four-level frequency modulation, interoperability testing for common air interference, improved multiband excitation vocoder for voice testing and Project 25-compliant Type III encryption testing. Providing independent generate and receive functions from 1 MHz to 2.7 GHz, the platform allows duplex operation over a full instrument range, enabling a wide variety of system configurations to be tested including cross-band repeaters. In addition, it has two audio-function generators to support conventional FM terminal testing.

IFR Systems Inc.,
Wichita, KS (800) 835-2352
or (316) 522-4981.

Circle No. 268

* Spurious and Harmonic Test Kit

MWJ5283 The FCC spurious and harmonic test kit is designed for use with popular spectrum analyzers. Each kit contains four mixers that provide continuous coverage from 40 to 220 GHz. Each mixer is equipped with an appropriate horn antenna for accomplishing the FCC-desired radiated spurious level measurement.

Oleson Microwave Labs,
Morgan Hill, CA
(408) 779-2698.

Circle No. 283

* Cable Network and Interference Emulator

The model TAS 8250 cable network and interference emulator is the first product of its kind to emulate critical hybrid fiber/coax cable network impairments in a controllable laboratory environment. It is an ideal tool for evaluating the transmission performance of cable modems, cable modem termination systems (CMTS), set-top boxes, HDTV equipment and Internet protocol telephony products. The TAS 8250 emulates both upstream (5 to 42 MHz) and downstream (50 to 860 MHz) HFC channel characteristics in a single, integrated instrument. Impairments emulated by the unit include amplitude tilt, intermodulation distortion, group delay distortion, noise and interference. These impairments can be emulated independently to isolate the effect of a particular impairment on a product's performance or simultaneously to evaluate product performance in a real world environment. A built-in diplex filter conveniently combines the upstream and downstream channels from the CMTS into a single interface, allowing single- or multiple-subscriber devices to be tested. Price: starts at $49.95. Delivery: four to six weeks.

Telecom Analysis Systems (TAS),
Eatontown, NJ
(732) 544-8700.

Circle No. 269