As easy to use as a smartphone, the new MeasureReady™ 155 Precision I/V Source from Lake Shore Cryotronics offers premium performance for researchers requiring a precise, low-noise source of current or voltage in the lab.

When characterizing materials, the cleaner the excitation signal, the better the end measurements. The 155 provides the precise, very low-noise output needed for such measurements, in part because it employs the same proven noise-rejection technology used in Lake Shore’s industry-leading cryogenic thermometry products. The source generates just 200 nV RMS (1 µV p-p) of low-frequency noise and 7 µV RMS of higher-frequency noise in the 10 mV DC range—all without the need to add any external filters. It also provides DC low-noise performance without compromising AC bandwidth.

Because it generates less noise, the source provides a solid foundation for users performing I-V curve, Hall effect, resistance, resistivity and other fundamental measurements of novel materials and early-stage devices. The source is also ideal for high-accuracy device testing, as well as semiconductor material and device researchers who need a high-quality source to excite samples.

In addition, the 155 source is uncommonly straightforward to operate. Its uncluttered touch display with a unique TiltView™ screen presents a natural, engaging user interface, with no confusing buttons to navigate. Wi-Fi, USB and LAN connectivity allow for easy integration with systems using LabVIEW™, .NET and other software. Also included: a unique mobile app, which allows users to operate the instrument remotely, whether in the same room or farther away.