AMCAD Engineering is officially launching VISION, an advanced RF circuit and system modeling solution for accurate RF & MMW system design. Building RF systems which are designed to operate with wideband modulated signals, like 5G, or with a large number of circuits, like active antennas, is challenging. Looking at the simulation accuracy, the bottleneck is always the model quality used by the simulators, because the different memory effects that take place into the different circuits are not always modeled with a comprehensive methodology.

AMCAD Team will conduct a live demonstration on Stand 205.

VISION behavioral modeling platform enables:

  • Driving a measurement setup for model extraction and validation.
  • Guiding the user through a comprehensive modeling wizard.
  • Extracting different behavioral models as a function of the simulation target.
  • Enabling transient simulation for model qualification.
  • Concatenating different circuit models to create a macro model using a schematic editor.

Vision is unique because:

  • The solution can be connected to standardized measurement benches.
  • It enables accurate Data-Flow simulation where inter-stage mismatches are taken into account within the macro-model.
  • It enables running Data-Flow simulations with frequency transposition (mixer models are available in the library).
  • System simulations that use VISION models are efficient and easy to run, they do not need to be connected to circuit level co-simulations.
  • Vision Circuit models take into account both low and high frequency memory effects, a must-have when wideband modulations are used.