Web Update

Ultra-precision Substrates
This Web site provides technical specifications for a broad range of substrate materials produced with exact repeatability consistency. The company’s new generation of MicroFine substrates, featuring unsurpassed uniformity, are described. The site also details available precision lapping, polishing, laser machining, diamond sawing and edge grinding capabilities.
Accumet Engineering Corp.,
518 Main St., Hudson, MA 01749

Filter Design Software and Consulting
This Web site provides descriptions and specifications for the company’s filter design software, DGS S/FILSYN and PCFILT. Customers can download the PCFILT demonstration and a user’s guide as well as a free inductor design program. The site also includes update information and software drivers.
ALK Engineering Inc.,
27458 Nanticoke Rd., Salisbury, MD 21801

Coaxial, Cellular/PCN and Waveguide Products
This Web site enables visitors to find products, pictures, specifications and outline drawings for the company’s complete line of coaxial, cellular/personal communications network, waveguide and high power products. In addition, engineers can submit an electronic order form through a Netscape secured server. Other features include application notes, information about the company and employment opportunities.
Channel Microwave Corp.,
480 Constitution Ave., Camarillo, CA 93012

RF/IF Surveillance Instruments
This recently updated Web site features a new products page describing the latest product line additions, including IF-to-baseband converters, display digitizers and a low cost millimeter-wave receiver. Additional features include catalog product updates, job opportunity postings and a revised sales representative list.
Communication Solutions Inc.,
7034 Golden Ring Rd., Baltimore, MD 21237

Specialty Materials
The company provides a full product line of microwave absorbers, dielectric materials and anechoic chambers, including the design of anechoic chambers, manufacture of absorbers and installation of absorbers in anechoic chambers. The microwave absorber line includes radar-absorbing tiles and sheets tuned to capture narrowband or multiband frequencies.
Cuming Corp.,
225 Bodwell St., Avon, MA 02322

GaAs Solutions — RF and Microwave
This working Web site allows customers to view the company’s full product line, make selections from the product selection guide, and view and download data sheets. A list of company sales representatives, contact information and employment opportunities are included.
GaAsTEK, a unit of ITT Industries,
5310 Valley Park Dr., Roanoke, VA 24018

Hand-formable Flexible and Semirigid Cables
This Web site provides information about  innovative state-of-the-art cable designs for microwave, telecommunications, space and military applications. The site features the company’s product line of superior hand-formable, flexible and semirigid coaxial cable, components, cable assemblies and delay lines.
Haverhill Cable & Mfg. Corp.,
159 Ferry Rd., Haverhill, MA 01835

Wireless Communications Technology
This Web site provides useful information about the wireless industry, including monthly technology articles, dates and locations of seminars and trade shows, and informative application notes. Complete descriptions of the company’s wireless design and test solutions for research and development, manufacturing and field service also are included.
Hewlett-Packard Co.,
5301 Stevens Creek Blvd., M/S 54LAK, Santa Clara, CA 95052

Quick-turn, Prototype Circuit Boards
This enhanced Web site allows customers to request quotes quickly and easily via the World Wide Web. The site has been updated to include job opportunities and expanded capabilities of the company’s products. In addition, a link has been added to the new FTP drop location to speed the transfer of files.
IMI Inc.,
140 Hilldale Ave., Haverhill, MA 01832

Microwave Components and Standard Products
This Web site catalogs isolators and circulators, mixers and frequency doublers, gain equalizers and harmonic phase shifters, and detectors and limiter products. A company profile, facility profile, new product releases and information on specifying data as well as a mailroom for e-mail contact are also available at the site.
Mica Microwave Corp.,
7017 Realm Dr., San Jose, CA 95119

Real Diode Service
This new Web site offers a complete selection of semiconductor devices including high frequency surface-mount diodes, tuning varactors, step recovery diodes, PIN/NIP diodes, Schottkys, chip capacitors, pointed contact diodes, spiral inductors, resistors and phase detectors. The site also offers a toll-free customer service line and easy forms for requesting samples and catalogs.
MicroMetrics Inc.,
136 Harvey Rd., Bldg. C, Londonderry, NH 03053

Vector Attenuators
This Web site describes the company’s vector attenuators and attenuator phase shifters for feedforward amplifiers and RF predistorters used in PCS base stations. The site also describes the company’s capabilities in thick-film substrates and hybrid microcircuits as well as the government’s National Stock Number products and converter integration information.
Micro-Precision Technologies Inc. (MPT),
12-B Manor Parkway, Salem, NH 03087

Miniature Components
This Web site presents technical specifications on a wide range of miniature passive components, including precision thick- and thin-film chip resistors, capacitors, metal/glass side wall packages, custom thick-film hybrid circuits and multichip modules for a wide variety of wireless applications.
Mini-Systems Inc.,
20 David Rd., PO Box 69, North Attleboro, MA 02761-0069

Wireless and Telecommunication Products
This Web site hosts a wealth of information to acquaint customers with the company’s complete line of products for wireless, SATCOM and terrestrial applications. The site also allows access to online catalogs and provides contact information and global facility locations.
Mitec Telecom Inc.,
9000 Trans-Canada Highway, Pointe Claire, Quebec H9R 5Z8, Canada

Online Oscillator Design
This new Web site allows designers to select from hundreds of oven-controlled crystal oscillator (OCXO), temperature-compensated crystal oscillator and voltage-controlled crystal oscillator designs and custom tailor specifications to meet their exact requirements. The latest ultra-small, high performance OCXOs are detailed, and new catalog data sheets can be downloaded.
MTI-Milliren Technologies Inc.,
2 New Pasture Rd., Newburyport, MA 01950

Agile Precision Frequency Sources
This Web site provides complete technical specifications for the company’s PTS frequency synthesizer line. The frequency synthesizers produce precision frequencies governed by a high stability frequency standard. With easy, fast and remote programming, the synthesizers are vital in advanced measurement or production systems and also serve as stand-alone test equipment.
Programmed Test Sources Inc.,
9 Beaver Brook Rd., Littleton, MA 01460

RF and Microwave Components
This Web site features the latest information on current products and capabilities as well as electrical and mechanical specifications. A complete list of technical terms as well as application notes featuring a digital radio low noise amplifier also can be found.
Salisbury Engineering Inc.,
PO Box 480, Delmar, DE 19940

High Frequency Connectors
This Web site features 2.4, 2.9 and 3.5 mm coaxial connectors, including cable connectors, receptacles and adapters. Product specifications, interface dimensions and outline drawings for more than 60 connectors can be viewed. A company profile is included, and capabilities and additional products are described.
SRI Connector Gage Co.,
751 North Dr., Melbourne, FL 32934

DDS Synthesizers
This Web site offers a one-stop source for custom and standard DDS synthesizers and communication subsystems. Both hybrid modules and integrated rack-mount units are reviewed. The featured product is a high performance digital chip synthesizer. The STEL-2375A offers a 1 GHz clock rate and 32-bit frequency resolution. Data sheets on various products also can be downloaded.
Stanford Telecom, Microwave Systems Division,
59 Technology Dr., Lowell, MA 01801

Isolators and Circulators for Commercial Applications
This Web site offers information about the company’s isolators and circulators from 88 MHz to 40 GHz in coaxial, drop-in and waveguide packages. Manufactured for major telelcommunications companies, there are 2000 production-ready designs. The company’s engineering staff will design isolators and circulators to the customer’s most stringent requirements.
Alcatel Ferrocom Ferrite Products,
6385 San Ignacio Ave., San Jose, CA 95119

Products for Communication Requirements
The company offers a diverse line of microwave and millimeter-wave products (amplifiers, oscillators and thin film). This newly designed Web site features a complete catalog of amplifiers that can be downloaded and a detailed technical section. Convenient tabs direct readers to products, sales information, a company profile, capabilities, news, contacts and employment opportunities.
Microwave dB,
950 Lawrence Dr., Newbury Park, CA 91320

18 - 110 GHz Products
This new Web site lists specifications for the company’s full line of 18 to 110 GHz millimeter-wave and microwave electronic components and assemblies. Specializing in standard and custom-designed products, the site includes information about amplifiers, mixer-preamplifiers, harmonic mixers, converters, detectors, subsystems, phase-lock sources, waveguide filters, frequency multipliers and Gunn oscillators.
Spacek Labs Inc.,
212 East Gutierrez St., Santa Barbara, CA 93101

RF and Microwave Products
This enhanced Web site details a broad range of categories, including new product data sheets, application notes, employment opportunities and product overviews. The site represents the company’s ongoing efforts to keep customers informed regarding its continually improving production processes to meet market demands for world-class performance and shorter time to market.
Alpha Industries,
20 Sylvan Rd., Woburn, MA 01801

Wireless Products
This newly designed Web site provides updated information about the company’s comprehensive wireless products, including downloadable data sheets in Adobe Acrobat format, package outline drawings, S-parameter files, information about evaluation kits and evaluation boards, and application notes. In addition, the site offers comprehensive information for today’s rapidly changing wireless market.
Stanford Microdevices Inc.,
522 Almanor Ave., Sunnyvale, CA 94086