Tri- and Quad-Band Combiners for U.S./EU Markets

Pivotone has developed a new series of products: Tri- and quad-band combiners for multi-band, co-located sites. This series features a number of technical advantages: broadband, low insertion loss, high isolation, low PIM, DC and AISG Issue 2.0 which can pass through on any selected port. The compact structure makes them suitable for mounting on walls or poles in various situations. As well, they can either be packaged for indoor or outdoor applications.

The quad-band combiner for the European market includes bands of LTE 700, GSM 900, DCS and UMTS, while the bands for the North American market are: LTE 700, AMPS 850, PCS 1900 and AWS.

Pivotone uses self-developed wideband, filter design technology, proprietary multi-channel, common port integrated structural design and advanced manufacturing processes to produce a product that has good electrical performance and excellent reliability and stability. Pivotone can also customize multi-band combiners to suit individual customer requirements.

Wuxi, Jiangsu, China