Radio Design Group Inc. announces the introduction of the RFDU-400 modular RF Distribution Unit.  Designed for use in a variety of receive applications, the RFDU-400 integrates several functions in one compact system, including direction finding commutation, digitally controlled band-reject filtering, signal routing, and system noise testing.

The RFDU-400 operates over a wide frequency range of 10 kHz to 18 GHz, and includes up to two band-reject filters per path, with unprecedented passband widths in the multi-decade range. Up to two high dynamic range commutators can be configured, and a high isolation switch matrix provides non-blocking receiver switching for up to 16 outputs from 12 inputs.

“The RFDU-400 sets a new standard for RF distribution systems that was previously not available,” says Jim Hendershot, company president, “allowing wideband digital receiver systems to perform tasks that were previously considered impossible.  It represents a significant technical achievement over our previous systems that are widely deployed in various DoD and intelligence applications.”

Typical uses for the LC-8U include SIGINT and ELINT systems, as well as multi-receiver communications and monitoring platforms.

The RFDU-400 is highly modular, and can be ordered in a variety of configurations to meet virtually any requirement, from simple to complex.  The unit is exceptionally sturdy, and operates over a wide temperature range, making is suitable for both military and specialized commercial applications.

Housed in a rugged 19” rack chassis, the modular design can be as small as 3U in height, and as large as 8U, depending on system specifications.  An intelligent RF interconnect system eliminates interconnections between the rack units.  Connection to the host system is via industry standard SMA connectors, with other options available on special order.

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