During recent decades, radar systems have taken major steps forward with the development of many new major radar systems. This has been aided by the advances in technology and algorithms, including commercial high throughput low cost signal processors, MMIC T/R modules and digital beamforming. Current and future developments of ground-based, sea-based, airborne and space-based military, civilian and commercial radar systems will be covered at this international symposium.

Call for Papers: submit your summary of at least 1000 words by August 18, 2006, on any of the following topics:

* Ground, Ship, Airborne, Space-based Systems

* System Design/Tradeoffs/Optimization/Analysis

* Commercial Systems: Automotive, Marine, etc.

* Passive and Active (MMIC) Phased Array Systems

* Air Traffic Control, Airport Surface Surveillance

* SAR, Weather Radars, Merchant Marine Radars

* Hostile Fire Locators, Ballistic Missile Defense

* Waveform Design and Trade-offs

* Optimal Search and Detection Algorithms

* T/R Modules (GaN, High Voltage GaAs, SiC)

* Signal Processing in the T/R Module

* Digital Beamforming

* Signal Processing, Clutter Rejection, CFAR

* Adaptive Arrays and Space-time Processing

* Measurement and Calibration

* Tracking, Classification, Identification

* Environment and Target Phenomenology

* Propagation and Radar Coverage

* Clutter Models: Ground, Sea, Weather, Birds

* Mechanical Issues: Structure, Power, Thermal

* Element Failure Detection and Correction

* Phase Shifters: Diode, Ferrite, MEMS, Optical

* Emerging Technology

* Remote Sensing

For more information, visit www.radar2007.org.