Booster amplifiers for tactical military radios were among the products AR RF/Microwave Instrumentation touted during IMS 2011 in Baltimore. AR Modular RF booster amps cover the frequency (30 to 512 MHz and HF, VHF, and UHF bands) and supports modern tactical waveforms.

AR Modular RF has more than 35 years of experience in RF and utilizes that knowledge with the latest technology to deliver one of the most advanced booster amplifiers available in the market today. These battle-tested booster amplifiers are lightweight and compact. They all include automatic level control, low pass harmonic or bandpass filters, protection against antenna mismatch (VSWR) and overheating.

Modules and amplifier systems for electronic warfare are available from 12 to 5000 W. RF jammer aplifiers (10 to 2700 MHz) are available for both portable and vehicle-mounted systems. The AR-50 is now JITC certified. The KMW1031 amplifier is now available as a complete kit. AR Modular RF is set up to create customized variations of its products.